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01 19 16

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SNOW, YOU GUYS. Finally. It’s about a month late (would’ve been nice during Christmas), but what can you do. I love snow- just not the cold that comes with it. It was probably about negative twenty today. Literally unbearable.

So, this outfit was kind of impractical blah bLAH b lahnlahnblah. I only put it on to take photos and go to the grocery store anyway. The rest of the day I was snuggled in my bed with my electric blanket that I just bought from Amazon aka the best purchase I have ever made.

Also, I just want to talk about these jeans for a second- If you have big hips and a big bum but a smaller waist in comparison, YOU MUST TRY THESE JEANS. They are the most comfortable and byoo-tiful high-ish waisted jeans in the universe. (The ‘Curvy’ style is for people with smaller waists and bigger hips, but they also carry the ‘Shaped’ style for people with bigger tummies.) I think it may be kind of against the rules a little bit for me to rave about these pants, since I work at Addition Elle,  but I’m just tryin to SPREAD THE WORD HERE.

Boots- asos

Jeans- Addition Elle

Coat- New Look (I bought it last year, but similar here)

Hat- Acne

Shirt- Fashion to Figure (gifted to me in some blogger mail- thanks guys! <3)

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I love you a cuLOTte

09 19 15

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Do you ever feel an outfit so much that you just need to include like 14 photos of it in a blog post? Sorry not sorry, friends.

These culottes belong to Jessica, my NYFW travel buddy and good friend. As soon as I put them on I went online and bought a pair for myself. Probably not very practical for the upcoming winter, but whatever. Also, I bought this top from Old Navy?? Nine times out of ten when I see someone on the street and I ask them where they got a piece of clothing, they’ll say Old Navy. Which is so bizarre to me because when I think ‘Old Navy’ I have terrible flashbacks of my chubby 11 year old self trying to fit into their neon windbreakers or baby blue pullovers. So I figured, what better location to visit for the first time in 15 years than the one in New York City? They genuinely have some really cute stuff (that goes up to size XXL, hallelujah,) and I’m looking forward to seeing what the Toronto location has to offer.

P.S: I now have a partnership with ShopStyle, which means if you click on the link to the piece of clothing, I get DOLLA DOLLA BILLS YAS STACKS ON DECK, and if you buy it through the link I get money as well. Just wanted to be totally transparent!

Top- Old Navy

Necklace- Charlotte Russe

Culottes- Yours Clothing

Shoes- Charlotte Russe, similar here and here

Bag- YSL