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Hail Satin

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It was unseasonably warm last week, so I took a little walk over to Crown Flora studio on Queen West last weekend. I “”””needed to buy some succulents””””” aka I really just wanted to take photos in front of their pink wall. (Still bought the succulents though.)

This jacket!!!!!! Tuesday Bassen made this illustration and sold it on society6 back in… 2012? 2013? Anyway, I had it hanging on the wall in my old apartment for years so when I had the chance to snag the ACTUAL JACKET from the illustration that she just started selling, I jumped on it. The best part is that it goes up to a 3x!!! Bless her soul for making a line of clothes that goes from XS-3X. I wish more retailers would do this. I’m sorry, but all I want is to be able to buy skinny person clothes… just in bigger sizes. Just because I’m fat doesn’t mean I want a shitty quality tshirt with ‘Live Love Laugh’ written on it or black leggings with a lace trim at the bottom (because black is ‘flattering’ and stretchy spandex leggings are the only thing fat people can fit into??? thanks). I want to be able to buy the chic, cool, minimalistic things they sell at Zara and H&M in my damn size. Plus size clothes are UGLY so it just makes me so appreciative when companies offer size ranges larger than a fucking Large.

Whoo! I didn’t even mean to go off on a rant like that. Just kinda flowed from my fingertips. Plus size fashion just makes me very, very angry (and frankly offended) sometimes. Anyway, I bought the jacket in a 2x and I love it. I can even zip it up over my boobs. It’s a miracle.

Dress- Boohoo last year, similar here

Blouse- Addition Elle, similar here

Dirty disgusting comfortable amazing shoes: Keds