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Chelsea Market

09 15 15

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HAHA HEY FROM NEW YORK. AGAIN. Do I even live in Toronto anymore? Whatever. I love it here.

The past few days have been so fun- lots of fashion shows and events (I’ll do some posts on everything soon. Right now ya just get some outfits.) I decided to take advantage of this NIFTY LIL POSTER in front of Chelsea Market for an outfit backdrop. This shirt has the Toronto Blue Jays logo on it and I actually saw several people wearing Blue Jays jerseys on the street throughout the day. Because they made it into the playoffs. Or the Word Series. Baseball. Sports. Okay. SO I’d make eye contact and smile and do some elaborate shirt pointing, but they’d all just ignore me or look at me like I was an idiot?? Americans are so weird. Here I am just trying to bond with strangers over sports and apparel and our shared love of my city. I HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE IT BETTER THAN THESE NEW YORKERS.

Nike Hat- Asos (link leads to similar)

Shirt- Drake General Store

Skirt- Forever 21+ (link leads to similar)

Shoes- Keds

Backpack- Charlotte Russe (similar here)