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LoveHoney Lingerie

06 15 17

WELCOME TO MY NEW ROOM. It looks exactly like my old room in these photos since a white wall + my same bed isn’t much to go on but I assure you, it’s different. And half the size.

LoveHoney e-mailed me asking if I wanted to try some of their plus size lingerie (thanks guys!!). These stockings and bra are from them- I also got a pair of panties but as they are MUCH MORE CROTCHLESS THAN I ANTICIPATED, I decided to notttt take photos and put my literal vagina on the internet. The bra is REALLY affordable, super comfy and quite pushup-y despite the total lack of padding, so I highly recommend.

The robe is from here. I got a 3x and it’s a bit oversized therefore super comfy. I also hang it on my little clothing rack in my room because it’s cute as heck.

I think I’m going to go order a pizza and eat it in my cute lingerie. xo


Lovely in Lilac

02 24 17

The midnight blogger strikes again. Why am I always so tiiiiiiiired when I put up a post? Well, I guess because it’s midnight, duh.

Whenever Addition Elle gets new spring bras/panties I always have to buy them all. Not a fan of the fall oranges/reds or the winter jewel tones, but bring on all the spring pastels, please and thanks. I just loveeeeeEEEe this unique purpley blue colour. And I’m always down for panties that are sheer enough to show off my cute flabby tum while still hiding my vaGiynya.

It was 18 degrees celsius today!! Totally warm enough to lounge around in a bra and panties all day. I actually ended up going to the beach with the dog and hanging out in a tshirt for a couple hours. And getting stung by a wasp. In February. Cool. Fun fact, I believed I was immune to wasp stings until I was like 24 because when I was a kid I got stung, which TERRIFIED me, and I refused to leave the house for days. So, my mom told me that once you got stung once, it would never happen again. Like chicken pox. And I believed in this weird insect version of a Santa Clause-like-myth until my mid twenties. My sweet lil mom just wanted her daughter to be able to go outside again and just conveniently forgot to tell me she made it up.

Bra- Addition Elle

Panties- Addition Elle 


Outfits - Sponsored

Got Curves?

11 06 16

I’m so excited to announce that Got Curves lingerie has chosen me as a brand ambassador. This means you’ll be seeing A LOT MORE OF MY BUTT FROM NOW ON (though I think y’all saw enough of it before). It also means that I was given a discount code for everyone to save 15% on their purchases- use ALLIESTYLE at checkout (I also get a lil bit of commission on each sale. Just like to be honest with you guys).

I’m not/never have been shy about my body, so just a warning, there’s some N-I-P-P-L-E in this post. It’s NSFW though I tried to make it as tasteful as possible- so hey, future employers, please don’t judge me because my nipples are on the internet!!!! I’m just a regular girl with regular body parts modelling some kick-ass lingerie. Also, #freethenipple and whatnot.

img_3351 img_3399img_3360 img_3376 img_3383 img_3413 img_3414 img_3415 img_3416 img_3417 img_3418

img_3419img_3386 img_3390 img_3393 img_3359img_3400

I LOVE this lingerie set way, way more than I thought I would. I was like, sheer boob panels with zero underwire? Cool, my tits are going to sag to my knees like they do when I don’t wear a bra. But it’s actually quite supportive??? I tightened the straps as far as they’d go and there’s actually a good strong elastic between the boob and the stomach part, which helps to keep your bust supported. I was genuinely shocked because in all other lingerie I’ve seen/tried on with this design, there is NO SUPPORT. So you can tell that Got Curves really keeps the busty customer in mind.

I also 1. Had a terrible cold and was sneezing every four seconds while shooting this and 2. Had my period (and it was like, day three period when you KNOW you’re going to have to change your tampon every hour) and I still felt sexy as heck. I felt bloated and sneezy and crampy and gross but once I put this on I felt like a million bucks. If you’re a size 2x like me (or smaller, or bigger) and you don’t think you can pull off something like this… give it a shot. Seriously. You will look beautiful. Whether you buy from Got Curves or somewhere else, WEAR SOME SLUTTY LINGERIE and show me! Tag me in your photo! (I put little emojis on my nips for the instagram posts wearing this.) Got Curves caters to both plus and straight sizes and I can’t recommend them enough. I got a 2x in everything and I found it true to size and high quality (my dog was jumping all over me and clawing at me and it didn’t rip.)



Pink Lace

05 24 16

FullSizeRender (5) FullSizeRender (6) FullSizeRender (7) FullSizeRender (8) IMG_1971 FullSizeRender (9) IMG_1973 IMG_1974 IMG_1978

Okay so this is me TRYING to take sexy lingerie photos (you guys sick of my boobs yet?) but my dog is fricking obsessed with me so it was impossible to get any shots without him in them. He’s constantly at my side. I had to throw his toy and snap a few photos while he was chasing it before he brought it back to me. What a hard life.

This sleep shirt/dress thing is from Addition Elle (as are the bra and panties), and it’s SO comfortable. I’m usually a 2x but I bought a 4x and it’s perfectly comfy and oversized. It’s a linen material so it keeps me super cool at night, since it’s been really hot lately (thank u baby jesus 4 summer finally).