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Lovely in Lilac- Addition Elle Lingerie

02 24 17

Whenever Addition Elle gets new spring bras/panties I always have to buy them all. Not a fan of the fall oranges/reds or the winter jewel tones, but bring on all the spring pastels, please and thanks. I just loveeeeeEEEe this unique purpley blue colour. And I’m always down for panties that are sheer enough to show off my cute flabby tum while still hiding my vaGiynya. Read More

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Got Curves?- plus size lingerie

11 06 16

I’m so excited to announce that Got Curves lingerie has chosen me as a brand ambassador. This means you’ll be seeing A LOT MORE OF MY BUTT FROM NOW ON (though I think y’all saw enough of it before). It also means that I was given a discount code for everyone to save 15% on their purchases- use ALLIESTYLE at checkout (I also get a lil bit of commission on each sale. Just like to be honest with you guys).

I’m not/never have been shy about my body, so just a warning, there’s some N-I-P-P-L-E in this post. It’s NSFW though I tried to make it as tasteful as possible- so hey, future employers, please don’t judge me because my nipples are on the internet!!!! I’m just a regular girl with regular body parts modelling some kick-ass lingerie. Also, #freethenipple and whatnot.

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Pink Lace- plus size lingerie

05 24 16

FullSizeRender (5)

Okay so this is me TRYING to take sexy lingerie photos (you guys sick of my boobs yet?) but my dog is fricking obsessed with me so it was impossible to get any shots without him in them. He’s constantly at my side. I had to throw his toy and snap a few photos while he was chasing it before he brought it back to me. What a hard life. Read More