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LoveHoney Lingerie

06 15 17

WELCOME TO MY NEW ROOM. It looks exactly like my old room in these photos since a white wall + my same bed isn’t much to go on but I assure you, it’s different. And half the size.

LoveHoney e-mailed me asking if I wanted to try some of their plus size lingerie (thanks guys!!). These stockings and bra are from them- I also got a pair of panties but as they are MUCH MORE CROTCHLESS THAN I ANTICIPATED, I decided to notttt take photos and put my literal vagina on the internet. The bra is REALLY affordable, super comfy and quite pushup-y despite the total lack of padding, so I highly recommend.

The robe is from here. I got a 3x and it’s a bit oversized therefore super comfy. I also hang it on my little clothing rack in my room because it’s cute as heck.

I think I’m going to go order a pizza and eat it in my cute lingerie. xo


(Black and) White Stripes

06 06 17

Looking back and dying laughing at this stupid burn. It wasn’t even worth it- I’m not tanned AT ALL now that I’ve been home and covered up for a few weeks. It was also one of the most painful things of my life and my body still kind of hurts from it. My pale, pale body. I’ve learned my lesson. Summer 2k17= Summer of SPF.

I got this skirt last summer from Forever 21, but they have one this year that’s pretty much exactly the same. The bodysuit, aka my second skin for the next few months, is from Boohoo. (Goddamnit every time I go on Boohoo to look for an item to link it to a blog post I end up buying 646 more things for heaven’s sakes)

It’s still FRICKING cold here (like 20 degrees celcius most days which is way below seasonal for June in Toronto) so I’m still pretty bundled up. Gonna keep the Mexico posts coming. I’ve been a bit MIA because I moved! I spent the past couple weeks post-Mexico packing and moving and unpacking and it’s been annoying and stressful but I’m pretty much done. I’m still in downtown Toronto, only like ten minutes from my old place. Maybe I’ll do an apartment tour post.



One Shirt Two Ways

03 02 17

This shirt from Rachel Roy x Addition Elle looks, honestly, a little boring on the rack. It’s just… a black button up blouse. If my friends at work hadn’t’ve made me try it on I never would’ve thought anything of it.

It’s got a split back so you’re able to wear it a million different ways. Buttoned up from top to bottom, tied in the front as a crop top, tucked in, untucked, worn as a DRESS (with little black shorty shorts or a skirt)- if I had styled an outfit for every possible way to wear it, this post would have been 80 photos long. You could genuinely wear it every day of the week (hopefully washing it a couple times in between).

These two pairs of pants are also pretty awesome. The tan wide leg ones are from Rue 107 and the denim culottes (honestly the 90s mom jeans of my dreams) are from Forever 21. Got them on sale for six dollars yyyyyyeeeeeessssssssss. Similar here.

Hope everyone’s having a nice week- I’m super looking forward to my next post. KEEP AN EYE OUT.