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All Day Breakfast

02 04 17

I wore this tshirt (egg sequins!!!!) to work one day last week and my boss was immediately like, “YESSS GIRL GIMME THOSE EGGSSSSS, I WANT SOMMA THAT ALL-DAY BREAKFAST” because my workplace is 100% women and we’re all pretty much best friends. So thanks, my sweet little Gina, for my blog post title.

I was browsing the Asos sale section a few weeks ago when I saw these pants for TWENTY DOLLARS and they were everything I’ve been looking for in a trouser (pale pink, high waisted, grandma-y) so I, uh, bought four pairs in different sizes. Right now I’m an 18/20, so I bought an 18 and a 20. Okay. Makes sense, mostly. But then I was like, “What if they fit small???? I should probably get a 22. Just in case. But I’m also losing a bit of weight, so maybe I should get a 16??? I haven’t been a 16 since like 2012 but you never know???” And my thought process just spiralled out of control from there. So I bought four pairs. These are the 20’s and they’re big in the waist so I AM glad I got the 18’s, but the jury’s out on the other two pairs. You live and you learn and you waste money.

Top- Asos

Pants- Asos

Shoes- Keds 

Bag- Marc Jacobs (similar)

P.S, it’s been exactly one year since my baby Lola died and I just want to give her a little shout out because I miss her like crazy.



Peachy Keen

01 26 17

So, I had never heard of Uniqlo until they came to Canada a few months ago. I figured, cool, another straight sized retailer whose clothes won’t fit me. When I posted on Facebook about wanting a plain turtleneck (no lettering, no stupid cold shoulder, no boob keyhole- fat retailer’s go-tos), a bunch of people told me that Uniqlo’s XL’s are quite roomy. I tend to like my clothing quite oversized so this top is a bit small for my liking, but it does still fit. And it has their fancy Japanese heat technology~~~ to keep you super warm. Or something. Also, it was $14 so I really can’t complain.

I’m really looking forward to springggGGgg so I can wear more culotte/sandal combinations. These shoes are THE MOST COMFORTABLE pair of heels I’ve ever worn in my life. I wore them on New Years and my feet weren’t even slightly sore (uh, from what I can remember).

Top- Uniqlo 

Pants- Asos (on sale for like $25!!)

Shoes- Asos

Coat- New Look


Cat Lady

01 31 16

IMG_7602 IMG_7604 IMG_7607 IMG_7614 IMG_7618 IMG_7628 IMG_7629 IMG_7636 IMG_7596

I am definitely 100% the biggest cat lady I’ve ever known. I grew up with cats, my mom and I always had at least one in the house, and my boyfriend and I currently have 4- we had 5 until a few months ago when we had to put down my boyfriend’s 15 year old baby Joe :(. I thought this was a fitting post to put up as I’m currently sitting here worrying my head off about Lola, my little baby. Yesterday was her 20th birthday and she spent it in the hospital. She’s having kidney failure and the vets are doing everything they can to help her get back to normal. I know she’s old but she’s my literal child and I don’t know what I’d do without her so please send some good kitty vibes!

Anyway, as usual, I was freezing my tits off during this little photo session but you gotta suffer for fashion sometimes. I went to work right after this and spent the whole day there indoors, so it was fiiiiiiine. Until I had to walk home.

P.S, if you decide to make a circle skirt like this one, please don’t choose a muslin-y type cotton fabric. i spent FORTY FIVE MINUTES steaming it and it was still wrinkly as heck. This has been a PSA.

Shoes- Addition Elle (hella sold out because, like, it’s winter)

Skirt- DIY

Top- Modcloth (also sold out I apologize profusely)

Cardigan- Old Navy (similar here– the online plus size selection at old navy is DESPICABLE)

Coat- Boohoo (Bad news: I tried to find it on the website but it is ALSO NO LONGER THERE. Good/more bad news: I just spent like $200 on new clothes from them while I was trying to find the coat)