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One Shirt Two Ways

03 02 17

This shirt from Rachel Roy x Addition Elle looks, honestly, a little boring on the rack. It’s just… a black button up blouse. If my friends at work hadn’t’ve made me try it on I never would’ve thought anything of it.

It’s got a split back so you’re able to wear it a million different ways. Buttoned up from top to bottom, tied in the front as a crop top, tucked in, untucked, worn as a DRESS (with little black shorty shorts or a skirt)- if I had styled an outfit for every possible way to wear it, this post would have been 80 photos long. You could genuinely wear it every day of the week (hopefully washing it a couple times in between).

These two pairs of pants are also pretty awesome. The tan wide leg ones are from Rue 107 and the denim culottes (honestly the 90s mom jeans of my dreams) are from Forever 21. Got them on sale for six dollars yyyyyyeeeeeessssssssss. Similar here.

Hope everyone’s having a nice week- I’m super looking forward to my next post. KEEP AN EYE OUT.





Lovely in Lilac

02 24 17

The midnight blogger strikes again. Why am I always so tiiiiiiiired when I put up a post? Well, I guess because it’s midnight, duh.

Whenever Addition Elle gets new spring bras/panties I always have to buy them all. Not a fan of the fall oranges/reds or the winter jewel tones, but bring on all the spring pastels, please and thanks. I just loveeeeeEEEe this unique purpley blue colour. And I’m always down for panties that are sheer enough to show off my cute flabby tum while still hiding my vaGiynya.

It was 18 degrees celsius today!! Totally warm enough to lounge around in a bra and panties all day. I actually ended up going to the beach with the dog and hanging out in a tshirt for a couple hours. And getting stung by a wasp. In February. Cool. Fun fact, I believed I was immune to wasp stings until I was like 24 because when I was a kid I got stung, which TERRIFIED me, and I refused to leave the house for days. So, my mom told me that once you got stung once, it would never happen again. Like chicken pox. And I believed in this weird insect version of a Santa Clause-like-myth until my mid twenties. My sweet lil mom just wanted her daughter to be able to go outside again and just conveniently forgot to tell me she made it up.

Bra- Addition Elle

Panties- Addition Elle 



PJ sets

02 10 17

I’m not gennnnnnerally one for bralettes- I usually like all the boob support I can get- but this new one from Addition Elle is so delicate and lovely. And there’s matching pajama pants, AND MATCHING BRAS AND PANTIES I can’t breathe. I have a little problem with matching sets, apparently. My favourite material in the whole world is what these PJ pants are made of. It’s the same material from which most of Addition Elle’s pajamas are made, as well as their modern fit t-shirts (I own literally 20. I’ll accidentally on purpose spill something on one and I’ll be like WELP, gotta use this as a PJ shirt now, better go buy another one for daytime wear). They’re just so thin (in a good way) and comfy and SO SOFT. Viscose and elastane are where it’s at.

P.S Please note the little ‘P’ for ‘Petrie’ on my dog’s little belly in that last photo. My partner likes to draw on my dog while he has a pen in hand for making grocery lists.