How do we contact you?

There’s a ‘contact’ tab on my homepage, that goes straight to my email. I love getting e-mail and I’m always down for collabs or shoots! If you would like to send a message to me anonymously, you can do that on my tumblr.

Where do you shop?
I usually write where my clothes are from on every post, but my favourite places to shop are Asos (free worldwide shipping!), H&M (I usually fit into their size L, it’s actually bigger than you think sometimes- and their accessories are amazing), and Addition Elle.

What size are you?
US 18 in dresses and US 18/20 in pants.

Where are your glasses from?
My black ones are from www.clearlycontacts.ca, they’re the brand Derek Cardigan. They had a promo and I got them for free, but they always have good deals. My gold ones are RayBan.

What do you do about chafing/chub rub?
Deodorant (I use axe antiperspirant so I smell like a 13 year old boy) and baby powder on my inner thighs. Body Glide is AMAZING as well. I also wear long spandex biker shorts under my skirts and dresses.

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