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I love you a cuLOTte

Do you ever feel an outfit so much that you just need to include like 14 photos of it in a blog post? Sorry not sorry, friends. These culottes belong to Jessica, my NYFW travel buddy and good friend. As soon

Chelsea Market

  HAHA HEY FROM NEW YORK. AGAIN. Do I even live in Toronto anymore? Whatever. I love it here. The past few days have been so fun- lots of fashion shows and events (I’ll do some posts on everything soon. Right

NYC Photos part 2

 The 4 photos above are from Tacombi Nolita– super cute and fucking delicious. The MoMA shop  Butcher’s Daughter- really good boozy popsicles and vegan breakfast. In Soho.  Glossier headquarters. I’m obsessed with their beauty stuff. This girl was in Duane Reade and I

NYC Photos part 1

As you guys know I got back from my week-long New York trip abouttttt a month ago. TURNS OUT I’M GOING AGAIN AND I’M LEAVING TOMORROW HA? HAHAHA? One of my blogger friends Jess invited me to go to New

Eatin’ Treats, Walkin’ Down Streets

  These are basically a bunch of photos of me eating stuff in New York city in the same outfit. This was our second day there- we wandered around the East Village (Photos 1, 2, 3), Soho (Photos 4 and

Premium Candy

Did I ever think I’d be taking outfit photos in a drug store? Not really. This Duane Reade in Soho was right by me and Hailie’s hotel (the NoMo SoHo, which was amazing fyi). When I visited her in England

Top of the Rock

We hate tourists, even though we are tourists. I’m back from New York, my best friend Hailie has gone back to England, and I’m PRETTY BITTER about it all. This touristy-as-heck day (our third day there?) was so, so much

New York City part 2

  New York has been amazing so far. I’m kind of putting up these outfit photos in the wrong order- yesterday Riley, his friend, me, and my best friend Hailie went to Times Square, Central Park, Top of the Rock,

New York City part 1

Guess who’s in NEW YORK. It’s me. And my boyfriend. We planned this little 25th birthday trip for me, and then my best friend who lives in England decided to join us! So she’s coming in tomorrow. We’re staying in


  My LAST MEXICO POST- I’ll go back to posting with chilly city backdrops now. This is a super boring outfit but it was hot and I was full of all-you-can-drink margaritas and all-you-can-eat crepes. What do you want from

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