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An Instagrammer’s Guide to San Fran

01 03 19

Back in September, I decided to extend this Canadian’s summer by going on a Californian road trip. My pal and I flew to San Fran (which I spell like that because I can’t remember how to spell Francscscisco), spent a few days there, and drove down the coast to Palm Springs. It was the Romy and Michele trip of a heckin’ lifetime, stopping in some of the cutest places I’ve ever been along the way.

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Wearing PJ’s at Curvy Con NYC

09 25 17

So, I walked into Addition Elle before I left for New York in order to grab a white t-shirt (to adorn it with faux fur for a fashion week outfit, obviously.) My friend MJ (who works there) immediately showed me these pajama pants and this bralette and was like, “WEAR THESE IN NEW YORK. AS CLOTHING.” Read More