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Addition Elle Spring 2016 Preview

12 12 15

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I went to the Addition Elle Spring Preview several…. days ago? weeks ago? Who knows, honestly. I’ve been so busy the days kind of blend together. It was probably years ago.

I’m so excited for a lot of these pieces to come to the store. Guess who actually WORKS at Addition Elle? Me. (This little preview opportunity was unrelated, though.) Their Balconette is my favourite bra in the world (which I don’t think I’m technically allowed to say because I work for them and stuff, but I’m PRETTY SURE the company president doesn’t read my blog because I’m irrelevant) and the pink flowery pretty one is going to be in my bra drawer (lol aka on the floor in my room) real soon. I also love the little bralettes in PASTEL COLOURS. We had them in the summer last year and they were really popular, so I’m glad they’re back.

On another note, I’m really really excited for the Nicolette Mason collection. I got to hang out with her at NYFW and she’s the coolest. She’ll be visiting the location I work at as well, so if you’re in Toronto, COME ON DOWN.

I’m going to go eat pizza in the bath and listen to One Direction now because I love myself.

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Hey, Gorgeous.

11 26 15

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When Jess and I were in New York for Fashion Week in September (how was that two months ago???) we got a chance to visit the Hey Gorgeous headquarters/showroom. We hung out with Aimee (the president of the company who is also Canadian, holla) and Ashby (who just started her own fashion blog, and she’s adorable, so take a look). We tried on clothes including these fucking. amazing. cape dresses, and snapped a few photos. I’ve seriously never felt cuter in a dress in my whole existence. I bought it straight from the showroom. Whoops. (it’s still on the site and it also comes in navy.)

Ashby my lil Brooklyn Buddy reached out to me about a holiday promotion that they’re doing- you guys can use the code ALLIEHOLIDAY25 and get 25% off your whole order on the site! Yeee. Spoiler alert, I get store credit every time someone uses my code- I’m not the type of blogger who wants to hide things from her readers, or endorse a brand they’re not into. I’m in love with approximately 6368370 pieces and I want them all, so.

Check out Hey Gorgeous and get 25% off and I’LL TALK TO YA GUYS SOON