The June Motel

I am a fucking. SUCKER. For pink walls and pretty green plants. Since I moved I’m trying my hardest to decorate my place with pastels, greenery, and metallic accents. SoooOooOo when I saw photos of the newly opened June Motel in Prince Edward County I opened my laptop and booked a weekend away, like, immediately.

It’s about a 3-ish hour drive and luckily, Riley’s mom lives in Prince Edward county we were able to grab a Zipcar (do you guys have Zipcar in America?), drop the dog off to have the time of his life in her big backyard, and head over for a lovely weekend.

The Motel is located in Picton, a little wine town of FOUR THOUSAND PEOPLE, in Prince Edward County. The local wine is amazing (they pour you some sparkling rose at check-in) and the town is adorable. Places I super recommend (everything is within a 15 minute drive of the motel):

The Miller House– gorgeous patio right next to the bay, and amazing charcuterie. I’ve been craving meat cheese, bread, and olive oil every day since I’ve been back.

The Vic– adorable little cafe on Main Street (I highly recommend just walking along Main St in general).

Kelly’s Shop- The owner Kelly is super nice and her shop stocks really cute straight size AND plus size clothes (like vintage looking circle skirts with donuts all over them) as well as patches, pins, stuff, and a bunch more accessories. Also her dog Henry is part wiener dog and part yorkie and he’s ADORABLE.

Slickers Ice Cream– Homemade ice cream and there’s a BENCH OUTSIDE THAT LOOKS LIKE AN ICE CREAM CONE.

Sand and Sumac– I honestly spent like an hour and a half in this small-ish shop. They have furniture, housewares, clothing, accessories, and a million other things either handmade in Canada or in other places around the world (I got a pair of mules handmade in Morocco.) If you go anywhere I REALLY suggest this place.

Also, a million vintage/antique shops. There are just way too many to name.

Overall if you live in Ontario (or outside of Ontario if you’d like a little bit of a longer trip?) I highly suggest this place. Everything was perfect and relaxing and quiet and the perfect summer weekend away.



If you’re not from Toronto, I’ll DO A LITTLE EXPLAININ’ ABOUT THIS SHIRT FOR YA. I got the shirt, which my boyfriend has since stolen and claimed as his own, from Toronto for Everyone, the group that put together the amazing Honest Ed’s farewell party. Honest Ed’s was a discount bargain store built in the 40’s (my grandparents used to go there with my infant mom ALL the time when they were my age). It was huge- it took up several city blocks- and since I was a kid it’s been known for it’s tacky weird kitschy shit. You could go there and buy everything from tampons to to underwear to cutlery to lawn flamingos to food to furniture. It was never renovated and the upkeep was NOT the best, which added to it’s charm. It became super trendy and fun to just wander around and get lost inside and post photos on instagram (I def encourage you to browse the photos in the geotag). Anyway, they’re of course tearing it down to build condos, so there was a huge art show/farewell party inside the building in the spring, where I bought this shirt (416 is Toronto’s area code, written in the classic Honest Ed’s price tag font.)

The pants are from Eloquii which I’ve taken QUITE a liking to lately. I ordered from them for the first time last month and was super pleased with the prices (everything was on sale) and quality.

Shoes- asos  (wide fit and on sale!)

Sunglasses- Ray Ban

Seaside feat. Gabi Fresh Swimsuits For All

Just a nice little Mexico throwback that I’ve been meaning to post for like a month now. Loooove this Gabi Fresh x Swimsuits For All bikini top that totally doubles as a REGULAR top. I took the straps off in Mexico because my body was so burnt even a gentle breeze made me feel like I was on fire, but now that I’m nice n’ pasty again I wear it with the straps all the time. I wear it to my friend’s pool and then throw a kimono over top and run errands. Her whole collection is amazing: the bottoms are perfectly high waisted and comfy, too.

Swimsuit: Swimsuits for All

Pants: Forever 21 (sold out, sorta similar here)

Shoes: New Look via Asos

Sunglasses: prescription Ray Ban

Vest: Addition Elle from last year



FYI: I’m currently sitting on my balcony with my pup in a lounge chair putting up blog posts and editing photos and it’s sunny and hot and beautiful and I’m melting in a good way. Sometimes you just gotta do a run-on sentence. It’s been nonstop rainy and cold (like it was in these photos) for a solid week so I’m sucking up all the vitamin D I can because this bitch is DEPRIVED. I’m genuinely considering getting a sun tattoo or something. Is that dumb? I fucking love the sun.

At least the chilly June weather gave me a chance to wear this wrap top from Eloquii. I was going to a Thomas Sabo AW17 press event and me and my pal Erica decided to grab lunch beforehand at this super cute restaurant called Wish. It’s a two second walk from my place and it’s got THE CUTEST decor- and this heart wall on the outside. I think I’m going to do a Toronto city guide series, separated by neighbourhood, of all my fave (aka, most instagrammable) spots.

Pants- also from Eloquii (side note: you can use the code sarahanne on all items purchased from Eloquii! it’s my lovely friend Sarah’s code- if you’ve never checked out her blog you definitely should because she’s an OG Canadian plus blogger and she’s beautiful and perfect)

Bag- Asos

Shoes- Cape Robbin (they have the brand at Nordstrom Rack but I just searched ‘Cape Robbin’ on Amazon.) (Also they fit my wide feet just fine.)

I Have a Balcony

I meannnn, I had a balcony at my old apartment but it was teenytiny. This baby is the size of my BEDROOM (it gets wider and sticks out further where my boyfriend is standing but you obviously can’t see that.) I went to Canadian Tire and bought a lounge chair (for like 200 stupid dollars and that was the cheapest one I could find???) Anyway, it’s my favourite purchase in a long time. I spend every afternoon just laying on my giant balcony and tanning with my dog. I love summer so much.

new favourite Pants: Asos

Shoes: Forever 21, similar here and here

Top: Yours Clothing (sold out, but their basic tops are soft and amazing)

Jacket: My friend Erica’s from Old Navy like two years ago that I’m keeping forever, similar here

Bag: Forever 21

LoveHoney Lingerie

WELCOME TO MY NEW ROOM. It looks exactly like my old room in these photos since a white wall + my same bed isn’t much to go on but I assure you, it’s different. And half the size.

LoveHoney e-mailed me asking if I wanted to try some of their plus size lingerie (thanks guys!!). These stockings and bra are from them- I also got a pair of panties but as they are MUCH MORE CROTCHLESS THAN I ANTICIPATED, I decided to notttt take photos and put my literal vagina on the internet. The bra is REALLY affordable, super comfy and quite pushup-y despite the total lack of padding, so I highly recommend.

The robe is from here. I got a 3x and it’s a bit oversized therefore super comfy. I also hang it on my little clothing rack in my room because it’s cute as heck.

I think I’m going to go order a pizza and eat it in my cute lingerie. xo

Juvalips: Review and Photos

Thank you to Juvalips for sending this for free for review: this is unpaid and all opinions are my own

I’m not a huge fan of my lips, mainly because they’re, well, not huge. Far from it. I’ve learned how to pout a certain way in photos in order to make them look bigger as well as how to overline the shit out of them with lipstick, but in reality they are sad little thin lines of nothing. I’ve wanted lip fillers for a looooong time but I’ve never taken the plunge: I hate needles, they’re expensive, I’ve heard they’re REALLY painful, and it’s so easy to fuck it up and look like a weird fish-human or like Nikki Tutorials. Whoops.

Juvalips contacted me recently asking if I wanted to try their electronic lip plumper so I was like, HECK YEAH. It’s a device that basically sucks your lips into this sex-toy lookin’ thing, and 60 seconds later you’re supposed to have lovely plump lips. I was a bit skeptical because I’ve tried the manual lip-plumpers that are basically little shot glasses that go over your mouth and you suck all the air out to increase blood flow to your lips. Those did shit all, they were total crap. I don’t know what kind of magic suction the Juvalips device entails but it TOTALLY WORKS.

Does this go on my lips or my vagina?

These are my sad little non-lips


It’s obviously not a permanent effect (goes down after maybe half an hour in my opinion), but for a photoshoot or a party or something, I think it’s really cool. The more you use it the longer the results are supposed to last, so I’m going to try to use it as part of my morning routine and see what happens. It’s also way cheaper than lip injections and the device itself lasts a lot longer than the few months that it takes your lips to go back to normal with injections.

THANK U JUVALIPS, talk to ya guys later xo


(Black and) White Stripes

Looking back and dying laughing at this stupid burn. It wasn’t even worth it- I’m not tanned AT ALL now that I’ve been home and covered up for a few weeks. It was also one of the most painful things of my life and my body still kind of hurts from it. My pale, pale body. I’ve learned my lesson. Summer 2k17= Summer of SPF.

I got this skirt last summer from Forever 21, but they have one this year that’s pretty much exactly the same. The bodysuit, aka my second skin for the next few months, is from Boohoo. (Goddamnit every time I go on Boohoo to look for an item to link it to a blog post I end up buying 646 more things for heaven’s sakes)

It’s still FRICKING cold here (like 20 degrees celcius most days which is way below seasonal for June in Toronto) so I’m still pretty bundled up. Gonna keep the Mexico posts coming. I’ve been a bit MIA because I moved! I spent the past couple weeks post-Mexico packing and moving and unpacking and it’s been annoying and stressful but I’m pretty much done. I’m still in downtown Toronto, only like ten minutes from my old place. Maybe I’ll do an apartment tour post.


Gabi Fresh x Swimsuits For All

lol @ the fact that in all my vacation posts I’m holding a drink. If you’re sober on vacation are you REALLY on vacation?

Obsessed with this suit from Gabi Fresh and Swimsuits for All. Link to it here. It’s on sale right now too and it’s SUCH A GOOD BIKINI. The top is really supportive (I’m relatively small in the boob department but I can imagine it would hold bigger-titted people’s boobs up quite well.) I’ve been a huuUUuge fan of Gabi for a really long time so I finally caved and bought a couple of her suits from the line. They’re for sure some of the best swimwear pieces I’ve ever owned- just really well thought-out and well made.

Not quite done my vacation posts yet; more to come soon.


Overview- My Trip to Tulum

Alrighty, spoiler alert: Tulum is one of the most magical places I’ve ever been. When I say Tulum, I specifically mean ‘Boca Paila Road’. This is the main beach-side road in the city and it’s right off the highway- there’s a million little hipster-y instagram-worthy hotels, boutiques, shops, and restaurants. We spent half our trip at an all- inclusive hotel down the road from Boca Paila, and the other half at Maria Del Mar, this amazing hotel at the 3.5 km mark on Boca Paila Road. I’m really only going to be talking about the second half of the trip in this post because there was NOOOOO COMPARISON between the experiences. Being in an all-inclusive can be nice, but the freedom and the fun we had staying on this little ocean-side jungle road was incomparable.

Maria Del Mar

The hotel we stayed at was so pretty and rustic and modern and cool. I want to redecorate my whole house to look like it. The main ‘lobby’- it wasn’t really a lobby in the traditional sense, it was kind of half outdoors and super chill-it led into the restaurant, and there were 3 or 4 buildings down this little path next to the pool and the ocean. We were in ‘Mar 2’ on the second floor (each little building had 3 floors). Our balcony was beautifully furnished and looked onto the pool and the ocean.

Side note, the air conditioning was AMAZING. Super weird to mention, I know, but it was completely silent and super cold and then once the sun went down we left our balcony door open and the breeze coming off the ocean was heaven. The staff was also super helpful and chill (and tan and tall and tattooed and beautiful).


Mina is the restaurant on the same property, and is attached to the lobby-type thing. They have a beach-front portion and a road-side portion so you can choose the view you want based on where you sit. We ate breakfast and dinner there which were both amazing. They cook all their dinner food over an open flame (the pork I had was cut from a literal, full, giant pig that had been slow-roasted whole on a big stick for the entire day. You could cut it with a spoon.)

My pork with apple sauce and sweet potato; Riley got some sort of chicken thing that he said was amazing.

Our Mina dinner view- always something to look at. 

Scallops with red pepper and quail eggs, and a chamomile mango daquiri

 Breakfast was hashbrowns, eggs, SOME GREEN SAUCE IDK, fresh squeezed pineapple orange juice, and a danish plate with homemade jams.

Other Hotels, Sights, and Eats I’d Recommend

Like I mentioned, the whole road is about 10 km long and there are a bunch of hotels all along it. We biked along the length of the road a few times and stopped in to a bunch of places either to eat at their restaurants, to check out their beaches, or just to look around because we were curious and nosy. What I LOVED about this place as opposed to an all-inclusive is you can literally do anything and go anywhere you want, except for like, into other people’s actual rooms. (It sounds weird but we felt super safe and comfortable the whole time.) The whole 10km-long area just felt like a really cool, fun, communal camp. With really nice rooms and a lot of air conditioning and expensive shops.

Piedra Escondida

This hotel shared our private beach so we wandered over there (a whole 30 second walk) quite often to eat at their restaurant since the food was a lot cheaper than at Mina, but equally delicious.

Jumbo shrimp pesto linguini with, obviously, a mojito.

I can’t believe this is the only photo I got of the food there because it was so good. Riley had duck tacos which were super yummy; we had breakfast there one morning which consisted of crepes and huevos rancheros; and we had a candlelit, beach-side filet mignon dinner there on our last night. Also, for some reason their corona tasted better than anywhere else, and their “””happy hour””” (half price drinks from 12-7) were strong and delicious.

El Pez

We stopped here for breakfast one morning after biking to the end of the road and back, and the staff was so adorable and seated us next to a breezy open door because we were gross and sweaty. I had the gr8est latte and french toast with coconut cream and grilled pineapple. We also wandered around the property a bit, and they had a really nice beach and private little beach-side villas for their rooms.

Kin Toh and Azulik

A minute’s walk down the road from Maria Del Mar is Azulik, a super trendy hotel, and Kin Toh, it’s restaurant. I really really wanted to eat here since you EAT DINNER IN HAMMOCKS AND LOUNGE BEDS IN A LITERAL TREE HOUSE. The food was good, though a little overpriced, but it was worth it for the atmosphere. We watched the sun set in a hammock above the entire jungle while drinking strawberry mojitos, and eating bread with different flavoured homemade butters and fresh seafood.

This little boutique with locally designed clothes and accessories was on the bottom floor of the hotel and I wanted everything.

CoCo Tulum

This hotel is a little further down the road, but still only like a 10 minute bike ride from where we were. It doesn’t look like too much from the road, but wander inwards toward the beach and they have this amazing white wooden bar area with swings and great drinks and a really nice view.

Bike Rentals

I’m not a cyclist. I hadn’t been on a bike since I was eleven. But for $10 US per 24 hours, we could rent adorable little baby blue bikes so I HAD TO. (This particular shop was about a 1 minute walk from Maria Del Mar but there are several.) It’s also the best way to get around since the whole area is just one long road and although it’s pretty easy to grab a cab, there’s so many places to stop and shop or sightsee so biking is just way easier. The first time we biked down the road (once I got the hang of it a little) I had a giant stupid grin on my face the entire time because it just felt so freeing and fun to be biking with the ocean on one side and jungle on the other, going as fast as you want, down a little road in Mexico. It was just such a great experience.

Roadside Boutiques

Along the entire road there are a hundred shops with handmade, locally made items. There are of course the standard touristy shops with beer, bottled water, post cards and fresh cold coconuts (but not as many as you’d think- I literally only counted two.) There are also middle-tier shops with handmade blankets, dream catchers, artwork, etc- still a bit touristy but also with a very local feel. (Nobody spoke English, for example, and I got a beautiful handmade hammock for only $35 US.) The road is mostly full of boutiques owned by local designers. Really expensive clothing, bags, jewelry, shoes, etc- I saw a $650 price tag on a swim cover and thought, 650 pesos!! what a good deal!! No. That was in American dollars. Everything is super expensive in these shops, but everyone speaks english and it’s still fun to stop in and take a look/chat with the owners and designers about their stuff. It’s basically 5th avenue meets SoHo meets Mexico. Expensive, hipstery, and trendy but still such a great local feel.

Roadside bars and cafes

If you don’t feel like sitting down to eat at one of the million restaurants, there are a million and a half little places that you can stop and grab a quick snack, coffee, boozy milkshake, or fresh juice.

YEAH SO, I hope this made everyone want to plan a trip to Tulum because it’s really such an amazing place. I still have a couple outfit photos to add from my trip so stay tuned for that. xo

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