An Instagrammer’s Guide to San Fran

01 03 19

I’m a classic MiLLeNiAl InFlUeNcEr in that I take ~great pride in my aesthetically pleasing instagram. I spent months and months finding places to visit that would look cute on my pink/pastel feed, which I’m now sharing with you! I’m dividing this up into a several-part series, city by city, since I took 8 million pictures.

First things first, if you get the chance to go to the Museum of Ice Cream, I highly recommend it. Sometimes it’s in LA, but we went to the one in San Fran and it was ADORABLE. We went early on in the morning and there was basically no one else there- super great for photos.

The ‘sprinkle pool’ (made of biodegradable plastic bits that I found in every orifice for several weeks after) was like 4 feet deep!

We stayed in the Mission district at this AirBnb, which I would HIGHLY recommend. It was adorable, clean, private, well decorated, convenient, and the host was lovely. We took an Uber to different neighbourhoods every day to explore, which saved on travel costs.

Our perfect AirBnb in the Mission District
This random bridge you should probably go to
Apparently Pier 39 is a well known place for fucking sea lions to just chill?? I had no idea, but now you do and it’s definitely worth seeing if you check out the Fisherman’s Wharf area.
Speaking of the Fisherman’s Wharf, please stop in to pretty much any shop to get (and photograph) some delish and adorable salt water taffy.
This sweet little street by Union Square had some adorable NYC vibes
I had to photogaph this house located at Lawton St & 25h Avenue, even though it was pretty much in the middle of nowhere with nothing interesting around it
There are so many adorable houses like this that I just suggest wandering around and finding them- this was at Valencia & 21st.
Gorgeous pastel sunset view from The El Techo Mexican restaurant rooftop. Don’t eat there if you’re looking to have a quiet conversation!
I didn’t smoke any legal Californian weed, but I did eat some pretty DOPE (ha, ha) cookies at Mr. Holmes Bakehouse.

Hope you enjoyed pals, stay tuned for LA coming next!

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