Strawberry Milkshake- plus size ootd

06 20 18

Milkshake season is here! Also hi little Riley reflection.

HI GUYS, it me, No Bra Brenda. Feeling like a 50’s dream in my gingham and my cardigan. I really really love retro-y fashion but I try to steer away from it because I feel like fat girls are expected to wear pin-up A-line dresses because that’s what’s most “””flattering””” for our bodies. Don’t get me wrong, I love the way they look on other people and I do feel like wearing a vintage-y dress every once in a while, but this is the perfect retro look for me. I’m definitely a high-waisted pants girl for life and this look meshes cute retro fashion and my style together perfectly.

I tried so hard to not get a bright orange straw I swear to god, but that was all they had. Do they not understand #aesthetic!!!!!! Milkshake was good as heck though.

Alright alright alright (Matthew Mcconaughey voice), my pants are from Asos and I wish I had gotten a size smaller because the waist is SO. BIG. I am so in between an 18 and a 20 right now it’s ridiculous. 18’s are a bit too small and 20’s are WAY too big. Belts are my friend. (But yeah- if you’re in between sizes, go smaller.)

The cardigan is also from Asos and it’s my FAVOURITE thing right now. It’s so soft and comfortable and my office is FREEZING in the summer so I wear it like every day! Whoops. Keep in mind it’s a bit oversized as well.

The top is a (suuuuper affordable) bodysuit from Boohoo that I also wear as a bathing suit sometimes. I never wear a bra with it and for some reason it hides my boob sag really well!! Magic.

Shoes are old ones from Forever 21 (but these are basically the same), and the sunglasses are from Urban Outfitters.


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