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05 19 18


It’s been UNSEASONABLY cold but I think the warm weather has finally come to stay. Normally in Toronto, by May it’s 90+ degrees, but last year’s summer was so cold that I’m genuinely scared for this year. I just thrive in warm weather so much, the fact that I had to wear a huge sweater on my birthday last year (in AUGUST) pretty much scarred me 4 life. I just loooove the heat and humidity and I just hope this summer delivers.

So, we moved! We’re really really loving our new neighbourhood. It’s uptown (I’ve only ever lived really really downtown) but I honestly love it way more. There are dogs and families!!! (we have a screaming toddler living above us, but, you win some you lose some). This means there are way more parks and green spaces which I really feel like I need after 9 years living downtown, surrounded by nothing but concrete. Working a 9-5 office job is pretty rough due to lack of sunlight and fresh air, but being able to take my dog to a huge green park after work is so fucking nice. We still live in a condo though, and I find myself DESPERATELY wanting to just live in a house in the suburbs. You can’t buy a house for under 2 million in Toronto though, so that’s just a pipe dream I suppose.


Jumpsuit: Boohoo (sold out)

Shoes: Urban Outfitters (so cheap!!!)

Sweater: Zara (similar here)

If you’re Canadian, enjoy the Victoria day long weekend xo

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