Cabbie Cap- plus size ootd

05 21 18

Eyyyy it’s ya girl looking like Mary Kate in New York Minute!!!

I know it’s not a newww trend, and I really hated it at first, but now I just LOVE this baker boy cap trend. Making all my early 2000’s dreams come true. It also makes me look cute when I’m having a terrible hair day (every day). This one is from Asos.

The dress is from Universal Standard– they gave it to me when I went to visit the showroom in New York- and it’s one of my favourite pieces. It just feels really fashion-y to me, even though it’s so simple and comfortable. I’ve styled it in sooo many different ways.

The glasses are from Urban Outfitters– also making me feel like a Backstreet Boy in the best way possible.

The shoes are from Ron White– more than I’d usually pay for shoes, but they’re real leather and genuinely SO comfy. It feels like I’m walking in butter. He’s also an amazing Canadian designer, and a real sweetie.

The necklace is from Leah Alexandra, also an amazing Canadian designer. I really love teeny, simple jewelry, since I’m not huge on accessorizing at all.


One thought on “Cabbie Cap- plus size ootd

  1. Victoria at The Bustiest

    Urban Outfiters are soo good in my opinion, love your glasses, I have a lot similar pair. Have never really heard of Ron White, but the way you’ve incorporated those shoes and some color is so stunning. Pastels are super trendy this season as well,brava!


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