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We Felt Like Sharing- We’re Getting Married!

04 24 18

I MEAN, we’ve been engaged for a little over four years now, so no surprises there. We have decided to actually bite the bullet and start planning a wedding, though- and we thought we’d announce it with the help of Felt Like Sharing

Note: This post is sponsored by Felt Like Sharing, but all opinions are my own.

How cute is this felt letter board?! These things are so trendy right now and I’ve seen them everywhere. Every one I’ve seen, though, has been ridiculously expensive in price and stupidly cheap in quality, so I never bought one.

I found Felt Like Sharing on Instagram and decided to reach out to them after my pal Sarah vouched for their amazingness, and they so kindly agreed to do a sponsored post. The board ($45) arrived super quick and the quality is GREAT, you guys. It’s heavy and sturdy and made of real wood and soft felt. They come in five different colours (I chose Soft Pink because duh) and they even sell different coloured letters (in addition to the white ones that come with the board). Everyone I’ve spoken with at the company is SO sweet, and I’m just so happy to be working with such a lovely independent business, instead of supporting a company like Urban Outfitters (where I’d spend more for a crappy product). I highly highly recommend!

We’re hoping to get married next Spring- definitely a small wedding, since I literally have no family and Riley just has his mom, his brother and his nan and poppy. I just want to gather up like 30 of my favourite people in a field and have a cute little ceremony under some fairy lights. If you have any Pinterest reccos, LEAVE EM BELOW PLS. I’ll 400% be using my felt letter board in our wedding too, on the cake table or something, but it’ll be displayed on my living room wall until then.


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