Is It Spring Yet? -plus size ootd

04 02 18

Short answer: NO. But that won’t stop me and my bare legs.

The classic ‘look down and slightly to the left blogger shot’, ehh? Classic. It’s all I do, apparently.

I have to apologize immediately because pretty much all of these items are really old/ one hundo p sold out. The kimono is from H&M- the straight size section- like four years ago. It’s one of my favourite finds EVER and solid, solid proof that you can find real gems when you don’t strictly stick to the plus size section. The top is from Eloquii last year- they don’t have the exact same one anymore, but they have so so so many ruffle sleeve tops. The overall mini dress is from Forever 21- I picked it up when I was in NYC in September- this is pretty much the same thing and it’s on sale? The backpack was a gift from my pal Erica from here, and the shoes are Keds that I got on sale from Hautelook.

Frick, you guys, can you send some warm April weather vibes my way? At least it’s not currently blizzarding here like in New York. Yet.


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