Zara – Plus Size ootd

03 26 18

Spring hasn’t quite sprung, but it’s spring-ing. The days are getting longer, I can comfortably-ish go outside without a jacket, and I want to wear pastels more than normal, if that’s even possible.

You guys know that I’m both a size 18/20 and obsessed with Zara. You wouldn’t think those two things could be possible together but they SO ARE. This whole outfit is from Zara; the sweater is an XL, the pants are a L, and the shoes are just.. shoes. I’m obviously bigger on the bottom than I am on the top so sometimes I can get away with shopping at straight size stores for shirts and sweaters, but I can NEVER buy straight size pants. Until these babies. They’re obviously not the most flattering since they’re a really thin stretchy material, but like… fuck ‘flattering’ anyway?

The pants are here, the shoes are here, and the sweater isn’t available anymore because life is unfair. But please, try out some stretchy Zara clothes. Skinny people want things oversized and I love them for it.



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