Toronto vs Everybody- plus size ootd

03 31 18

Felt like puttin up a very Toronto-y post today with my patriotic sweatshirt and my double denim.

Okay, the sweatshirt is technically Erica’s, as is the Premme ‘Feminist AF’ jacket (sold out). We share A LOT of clothes, and I was at her apartment so I just decided to rifle through her closet. The shoes are my new faves because they’re technically heels but they don’t feel like heels- they’re SO easy to walk in and super cute and comfortable. The jeans are SUPER old from Forever 21+, before they started selling things for ridiculous prices. I miss the old days of Forever 21 when you could buy a pair of jeans for fifteen dollars. Their prices just keep getting bigger and their fits keep getting smaller. Such a bummer.

Happy Easter Friends! xo


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