Matchy Matchy- plus size ootd

03 17 18

HEY PALS. I posted an instagram story in this little outfit and I got like 4000 (…okay like 12) messages asking where it was from. So I figured I’d better do a post on it.

The pants and the jacket are, of course, from Asos. River Island more specifically, but my one true love Asos nonetheless. The jacket is a size 18 and the pants are a 22- I ordered a size too big because of how non-stretch I knew they were, but they’re maybe a tad tooooo big. Luckily they have a waist tie, so they kind of look like intentional paperbag pants with the little bit hanging out the top.

The turtleneck is from Addition Elle and the sunglasses are from Asos as well. Weird fun sunglasses coming back into style is MY. FUCKING. JAM. I need to find photos from like, ninth grade when I would wear the biggest, weirdest, most obnoxious plastic sunglasses/earrings. 2004 was a weird fashion moment.

The necklace was a beautiful birthday gift from my pal Erica- we saw it at a PR event and I fell in love, so she got it for me.

ANYWAYS, it’s late and I’m sick with the flu so It’s beddy bed time for me.



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