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02 08 18

I thought I’d make this ootd post a ‘Guide To Wearing Skirts In Winter’. Step one, hate your fucking life and have zero regard for the blood flow to your legs. That’s it. That’s the only step.

I found this skirt in the back of my closet and was like, alright alright, I can work with this. WRONG. I frooooooze my butt off. I was just going down the road to buy my dog some treats, but still. It’s pants for me until probably April. Oh, the skirt is from Boohoo (lmao I literally bought it like a year ago and they’re still selling the exact one???)

I bought this big tote bag (similar) from Forever 21 when I started my new big-girl office job, since I bring things like files and papers and $14 Starbucks salads to work every day now. The top is from Fashion Nova and was a gift from my love Sarah, but you can use XOALLIE for $$ off at Fashion Nova. The kimono thing is a velvet sleep robe from Addition Elle that isn’t available anymore, but Forever 21 has a ton of similar ones.


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