Fat Babe

02 02 18

My friend, my love, and one of my role models Corissa from Fat Girl Flow sent me this sweater and it’s my new favourite thing.

I headed over to Cherry Beach in Toronto for these photos, which is one of my favourite places in the summer. Not so much in the winter, but everything is shittier in the wintertime. I love Christmas, but once January hits I’m 1000% over the cold and snow. I’ve been desperate for summer for over a month now.

Anyway, yes, like I said. Corissa sent me this sweater (I got a 3x) and it’s available in her merch store along with a bunch of other cute sweaters, shirts and accessories. I posted this a few months ago wearing her t-shirt as well. The skirt is an oldish one from Asos (very similar here) and the boots are from Zara. They were available for like $10 on the Canadian website until like yesterday- maybe they’re still available in America? Everything is better over there except for, you know, the person who runs the country. 

Hope everyone is STAYING WARM and I’ll talk to yas soon. xo


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