Coven- plus size ootd

02 19 18

Another cute lil collab coming atcha this week! Erica is super into witchy things like tarot, astrology, etc etcetcetc, so when she bought this dress we had to do a photoshoot with my semi-matching one. 

I’m not necessarily super into things like tarot/astrology like Erica is, (though I do think I’m a total Virgo), but when I saw this dress at Plus Brooklyn in the summer I had to get it. I did, however, identify as “wiccan” when I was 12. My friends and I used to get our moms to buy fresh herbs from the grocery store and perform spells to get boys to love us. I swear to god. We had a “Pre-Teen Girl’s Book of Spells” and everything. I do feel like a bit of a potion-brewing witchy badass when I dump my Diva Cup into the toilet, but that’s pretty much the extent of it at this point.

Erica’s dress is from Asos, and our bags were sent to us from Ban.do for the Galentines shoot we did last week (thank you Ban.do!) Mine is here and Erica’s is here. My sheer kimono is from Fashion Nova- use ALLIEXO for money off your order. Thanks to them as well!

Talk to you next week, pals xo

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