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A Very Ban.do Galentines

02 13 18

Happy February 13th aka GAAAAAALentines Day! My sweet gals and I did a photoshoot this weekend with some super cute stuff that Ban.do sent especially for us. 

Phew! That’s a lotta photos, but I just had to share more than my usual because they’re so darn cute. We went over to Chloe’s place to shoot in her amazing bedroom (is she not the prettiest human?) and we spent hours taking photos and laughing and just having fun girly time (also, shoutout to Chloe’s mom who is clearly the best amateur photographer ever??)

Super thank-you to Ban.do for sending us all these items (and more that we’ll be showing off soon). Chloe and Sarah (her instagram) are wearing the Be Nice Sweatshirt (L and XXL),  and myself and Erica (her instagram) are wearing the Strong Female Lead tee (both in XXL.) The towel on the bed is available here, and the heart-shaped towel that we’re laying on is available here. The ‘You’re Killing It’ agenda, ‘Love Potion’ phone case, ‘Wish You Were Here‘ sleep mask and ‘Love Potion’ sippy cup are from Ban.do as well.

Also just a big shoutout to all my gal pals who I love more than I can say. Have a good Galentines, everyone!


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