No One Asked You- plus size ootd

01 14 18

YES, YES, it’s been a couple weeks. Taking outfit photos is so freakin difficult when it’s minus a zillion and when it gets dark at 4pm. Thanks Canada. But, BEHOLD, more Premme.

The weather really has been a fucking nightmare. For a few days last week it was colder in Toronto than it was both in Russia and on Mars. MARS. Earth, could you get your shit together please? Luckily it’s warming up a bit (as in, zero degrees instead of minus forty) so I’ve taken several different outfit posts for the queue.

Dress- Premme (I got a 2x!)

Boots- Zara

Fishnets- Addition Elle (lol the fishnet holes are so much smaller in the photos on the website vs in my photos IM SORRY I HAVE FAT LEGS)

Hat feat. my dog’s hair: Addition Elle (it’s not on the stupid website anymore but I know they still have a bunch in stores) (also theres really similar ones at like Forever 21)

Velvet Sleep Robe that I wear as a Kimono: Addition Elle (similar here, on sale!)

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