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Applying makeup when you’re a glasses wearer can be a pain in the butt. Half the time I’ll finish a really great eye look, only to have it become barely visible once I put on my specs. I’m by no means an expert, but I’ve put together a few of my tricks for this post, featuring my new favourite glasses from Optically.ca.

Note: This post is sponsored by Optically.ca but all views and words are my own. 

Let me start out by thanking optically.ca for the killer glasses. Their site has over 3000 pairs of women’s and men’s glasses to choose from AND they start at 9 freaking dollars (including prescription)!!! They’re definitely one of the most affordable sites I’ve ever come across for glasses online that are actually really cute. I chose this pair since I love round frames (though they have a million shapes to choose from), and I thought the addition of the aviator style made them look really cool. They’re unisex AND they’re on sale for $55 right now, plus 30% off with the code MERRY. They shipped them to me super fast (their head office is in Ontario so if you live in Canada shipping is basically next day) and their customer service is amazing. Also, the quality is amazing for the price; they feel as sturdy as my $500 Ray Bans. They also sell prescription Rx sunglasses (which I’ll be buying in the summer), as well as designer glasses like Gucci, Fendi, Marc Jacobs, Dior and a bunch more.

I love wearing glasses because I’m not huge on accessories- I’ll wear maybe a necklace or a pair of earrings and that’s it- but I feel like wearing glasses can really complete a look. That’s why I love having a bunch of pairs to choose from, because not being blind is a fun way to accessorize. Affordable frames are my go-to because I can swap them out depending on my mood or my outfit. These cool aviators make me feel like a bit of a badass, so I put on my boob shirt from Fashion Nova and my sparkly blazer from Premme with a blue eye look.

Wearing makeup, though, can be a bit difficult when you’re an avid gasses wearer. So BEHOLD, some of my tips n tricks that I’ve picked up over the years:

  • If I’m doing foundation, I generally don’t apply it to my nose. I usually wear foundation that’s the exact colour of my skin (I like the Maybelline Fit Me) so it doesn’t look weird or obvious that I’m not wearing any on my nose. Not only do I like showing off my freckles, but I find that wearing foundation with glasses can sometimes make it rub off on the nose pads which is gross and annoying. If you don’t wear foundation on your nose, you don’t have that problem.
  •  If I’m doing a full face with foundation and everything, I make sure to conceal under my       eyes really well. Glasses cast shadows on your eye area so to bring light back into my face, I put a bunch of concealer in an upside down triangle under my eyes to liven up the area and make it pop.
  • I always like wearing a white/nude/pastel eyeliner in my waterline to open up my eyes, but I find it especially good to do this when I’m wearing glasses. I find it really helps to make you look more awake and bright-eyed, and really shine through your glasses. My favourites are the NYX Faux Whites in white mint and white pink.
  • I know everyone does it and it’s not rocket science, but putting a light shimmer colour in my inner corner also helps to bring out my eyes.
  • I wear false lashes A LOT. When I’m wearing my glasses, I make sure they’re the right length before I apply them because there’s nothing worse than your falsies being too long and hitting your lenses. Maybe there are worse things. Whatever.
  • Finally, I like to do a bold eye look when I wear glasses, because I find if I just do a same old boring neutral look, it just completely disappears when I put on my glasses. If I’m going to spend half an hour applying and blending, I want to show it off. Wearing bold, pigmented colours is how I do that when I wear glasses.

THAT’S IT. Hope some of my pointers weren’t too repetitive of what you’ve seen from beauty gurus on Youtube 40,000 times. And if you end up getting yourself a new pair of glasses, ENJOY EM.


One thought on “Makeup Tips for Glasses-Wearers feat Optically.ca

  1. Jennifer

    I’m not really into bold eye makeup on myself, so I especially love if I feel like it’s too much just putting on my thickest, darkest rimmed glasses. It tones the look down so much to the point where I’m comfortable wearing it.


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