Go For It- plus size ootd

12 05 17

Helloooo winter. The only thing I picked up on Black Friday was this ~millenial pink~ jacket and I’m so glad I did.

Oh my god. Firstly, please ignore my weird jaw line. I had just gotten home from work, I wasn’t wearing face makeup and decided to quickly add a bit of cream contour for my photos. Note to self, blend??? Bitch???

Another Zara sweater. Fucking eye roll @ myself. But how can I say no to a slouchy chenille pullover? I take every opportunity to look like a mom from 1991. The scarf is also from Zara. I LOVE ANYTHING WITH WEIRD TEXT. (It’s also a pocket!! Heart eye emoji!!)

The jacket is actually from the Gap. I haven’t shopped there since 2001 but I saw a lady wearing it on Black Friday and I had to stop and ask her where it was from. It’s a bit expensive considering it’s just wool and unlined, but I got a 50% of deal and it’s surprisingly warm (it’s on sale now!). I also had no idea they sell stuff up to XXL but there ya go.

The jeans are from Addition Elle. They’re pretty old but they’re the best jeans I’ve ever had. They’re the Curvy style (smaller in the waist, bigger in the hips) and there’s similar ones here.

The boots are new from Asos- they’re wide fit, comfy and on saaaaaale.



One thought on “Go For It- plus size ootd

  1. Kennedy Erin

    I abaolutely love that jacket and the color scheme of the entire outfit is on point.

    I’d personally leave out the “Go For It” scarf, but if that’s what you like, girl do you!

    Again, love the outfit as a wholr ensemble and you have a great eye for color. 😃


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