Premme Party- plus size ootd

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I FINALLY GOT MY HANDS ON SOME PREMME, you guys. I had been waiting and waiting for this glitter blazer and blush jumpsuit to come out since I saw them at Curvy Con. 

I really feel that Premme has filled part of the void in the plus size clothing market- really cool, well-made, trendy pieces that actually fit amazingly well. To me, Asos is another company that fills that void, but they’re a huge corporation who’s main focus isn’t primarily plus size. I feel really good about supporting two badass women who I’ve looked up to for years, who understand what I, as a fat customer, want.

The jumpsuit I got in a size 2, and it fits perfectly. There’s enough room for my huge hips and thunder thighs which never happens unless I size up, which I didn’t have to do with this. The top is completely adjustable to fit different size tittays.

I got the jacket in a 3, because I wanted it to be a bit oversized. It is quite large and I wish I had gotten a 2, but ya live and ya learn. I still love it.

The booties are from Zara and the glasses are from Zenni.


3 thoughts on “Premme Party- plus size ootd

  1. Verna Zook

    Great clothing style! it looks really cool with new styling. Blazer with a different color always looks cool.

    Is this blazer available in different color? I want to buy it.


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