Night at the Museum- plus size ootd

10 07 17

Another day, another fall-fashion post featuring a Zara piece that actually fits.

When I ordered approximately 400 (actually 6) Zara sweaters online I was anticipating a few not fitting me, so I was planning on returning some. Turns out, they all fit. So I’m keeping them because they’re all perfect and I love them. This blazer was described as ‘oversized’ online, so I figured the size Large MIGHT fit. Turns out it’s actually really oversized!! I wish I had gotten the Medium (something I thought I’d never hear myself say). The earrings are also from Zara (I also have them in pink).

The pants were in the package that Eloquii sent me for stuff to wear at NYFW (more posts from that still to come), and they’re comfy and stretchy and amazing. They’re really more of a legging and they’re perfect for wandering around the city or a museum, which is what I was doing this day. My friend Kendra and I were attending a fashion show at the Royal Ontario Museum and since we were already inside without paying the $20 entrance fee, we decided to check out some exhibits.

The shoes are my go-to’s from Asos which aren’t available anymore but if they ever come back I’m buying 14 more pairs, and the top is the softest, most amazing turtleneck tanktop from Yours Clothing.


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