I get Botox because I sweat too much

10 05 17

AS YOU MAY KNOW, I’m a sweaty bitch. I sweat PROFUSELY 12 months of the year, only from my head. My armpits and the rest of my body are always bone dry but my forehead will be dripping like a hooker in church pretty much any time I get even slightly too warm or exert myself in the tiniest way. 

Part of it is being fat for sure, but even when I was a size 4 I was always just an extremely sweaty person. I remember when I first met my ex boyfriend when I was.. 20? (and a size small), we went into a Starbucks in the winter. I was therefore in a warm coffee shop all bundled up in a coat so NATURALLY, I started pouring sweat from every facial surface. He asked if I was okay so I had to tell him I had a fever (???) and that’s what was causing my sweating. Because it’s fricking embarrassing. Excessive sweating is called hyperhydrosis and I was so happy to learn it was an actual thing people have and not just me.

Now, 7 years older, sort of wiser, and just as sweaty, I like to do something about it. A couple years ago I read that Botox can help with hyperhydrosis because it paralyzes the muscles so they don’t produce sweat… or something. I’m not a scientist. But people get it in their armpits all the time. I’ve gotten it in my forehead a few times over the past couple years (one session lasts 4-ish months), I and decided to blog about it this time.

I actually had a complimentary facial at Q Esthetics Laser Clinic in Yorkville in Toronto (Thanks to Blend PR for setting that up!) And in the waiting room I was reading that they also do Botox. I felt soft and smooth and glowy after my facial and everyone at the clinic was SO nice (like, so so nice)- I felt compelled to book an appointment for later in the day to get my forehead done (especially now that it’s sort of getting colder and pretty soon they’ll be turning the heat on in stores and on the subway EVEN THOUGH EVERYONE IS WEARING HUGE COATS AND WILL 400% OVERHEAT like why do they do that???? Anyway.)

This post is not sponsored and I did pay for the Botox; I just wanted to give a little shoutout to Q Esthetics because they were so sweet and accommodating. If you’re in Toronto and lookin’ for a place, I’d highly recommend. It was $10 per needle (totally standard, I’ve never paid less or more than that) and I got 20 needles all over my hairline/forehead, though it’s different for every person and I’ve gotten less in the past. It mostly doesn’t hurt- I’m a huge baby and the pain is maybe a 1.5/10. After 20 needles, you can see below that my forehead was 100% spotless. No bruising or swelling or bleeding at all (the little red spot is a pimple and not from the procedure.) This was taken about 10 minutes after.

I just wanted to make this post because hyperhydrosis can be EMBARRASSING AF and I absolutely hate being a sweaty monster. For me, $200 (or less) twice a year is SO worth not having my hair and makeup ruined when I’m at an event or something. If you’re a super sweaty person and it embarrasses you as much as it does me then this is deffo something to consider. Hope this post helped and feel free to message me with any questions!


One thought on “I get Botox because I sweat too much

  1. Beck

    OMG. My head sweats too! I don’t get it necessarily from being overheated, but from rapidly changing temps. Like going from hot outside to an air conditioned cafe or vice versa.
    The side of my head seems to always be dripping.
    Thank you for posting this
    I’m going to check it out where I live.


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