The Geneva Dress- Universal Standard

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When I visited the Universal Standard showroom in New York last month, they were kind enough to let me take this amazing dress home with me. It’s the Geneva dress (the crepe version) though now I really want the regular version, too.ย 

Universal Standard is a plus size brand so their sizing is a little different; normally I’m a 2x, but I’m a Medium in their sizing which is an 18. I find their clothes very true to size. I did get this in an XL though (26/28) because I really love how it looks oversized. And I spent 14 millions dollars on this Gucci belt so I’m trying to wear it in as many ways as possible. This dress is non-stretchy though since it’s the crepe version, so do that that into consideration. I’d definitely size down to a M or L in the regular version.

The shows are from Zara last year, a clear knockoff of the still-amazing Gucci mules, and the backpack I borrowed from my friend Erica. She got it from a random little flea market and I really want one.

Also, I think I finally figured out how to make my photos not all grainy and pixelated when I upload them to my blog (something that was REALLY bugging me the past few months but I haven’t mentioned it because I hope you guys wouldn’t notice). Instead of emailing them to myself and editing them on my phone I edited these on my computer. Whoa. Revolutionary. My phone clearly saves them as really small images so even though I take them on my nice DSLR they end up looking shitty and pixelated. SO I downloaded Lightroom and it seems to be a pretty cool program so far.

Side note: Short sleeves in October!! Global warming is obviously terrible but like……. short sleeves in October. Hallelujah.


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  1. Heather

    Ah, I’ve so wanted to see the crepe Geneva on someone near my height since it came out! I was really curious if it would still work hitting at the ankle, it really really does. Thank you!


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