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When I was in New York last month I got to hang out with SO MANY amazing people that I had admired on the internet for years, Corissa of Fat Girl Flow being one of them. A bunch of us were hanging out in our hotel room after getting matching tattoos, and she gave me one of her amazing infamous Fat Bitch shirts.

For me, it’s been really important and empowering to reclaim the word ‘fat’. It’s a word that describes my body and it’s not a negative thing. It just, is. Over the years I’ve had countless men call me fat as an insult, I’ve had men tell me to lose weight while I was going for a run– literally doing what they wanted me to do. I’ve had women say to me, “you’re not fat! You’re beautiful!” more times than I can count and it’s exhausting to constantly reply- yes, I am fat, and no, those things aren’t mutually exclusive. Refer to me as fat, please, for the love of god. I won’t get offended or weird. I’m your fat friend and that’s okay. I eat McDonalds like three times a week. I’m not fooling anyone, least of all myself.

I feel a similar way about the word ‘bitch’, which is why I love this shirt so much. I call myself, and my girlfriends, bitches all the time. I’m an outspoken, bossy control freak and if that makes me a ‘bitch’, then fine. I get shit done and I stand up for myself, always. Fashion can be more than just clothes, fashion is political, and I feel powerful and strong when I wear this top. SO, THANKS CORISSA. You can buy it here.

Jeans- Asos

Mesh top- Asos (similar? sorta? it’s see-through?)

Shoes- …Asos, I have a fucking problem

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