Fashion Nova Curve

10 13 17

Fashion Nova sent me some pieces recently, along with a discount code- XOALLIE. These pants are comfy, stretchy, and stylish which issssss. Really all I look for in a garment tbh.

This is the link for the pants and don’t forget to use XOALLIE for some $$$ off. This (and some other pieces they sent me) is the first order I’ve ever done with them and I’m actually super impressed with the fit, quality and price. I actually found the EXACT same dress that Fashion Nova sells at Forever 21 for like, $30 more. Forever 21 used to be super affordable and since they’ve raised ALL their prices, they’re not really my go-to anymore. I would definitely check out Fashion Nova first because they have way more of a plus size selection as well.

The top is from my one true love Asos (sold out SORRY but it’s just a sheer-ish mesh shirt), and the shoes are- lol sorry- from Forever 21. Weirdly, I could only find them on the Canadian website (weird because we usually get shafted and get way less product from the same brand), but here is a similar pair on the american website.

Tag me on instagram if you use my code at Fashion Nova because I want to see all your cute looks.

P.S, Happy Friday the 13th xo

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