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Wearing PJ’s at Curvy Con NYC

09 25 17

So, I walked into Addition Elle before I left for New York in order to grab a white t-shirt (to adorn it with faux fur for a fashion week outfit, obviously.) My friend MJ (who works there) immediately showed me these pajama pants and this bralette and was like, “WEAR THESE IN NEW YORK. AS CLOTHING.”

SO I bought it, because it’s obviously perfect, and wore it to the first day of Curvy Con. Everyone kept complimenting my outfit and I kept being like, “THANKS! IT’S PAJAMAS!” because I’m obnoxious. Gotta tell you though- there’s nothing like wearing literal sleepwear to an all-day event. It’s the most comfortable thing in the world.

Pants- Addition Elle

Bralette- Addition Elle 

Vest- H&M. I couldn’t find anything similar online anywhere but it’s from the straight size section a couple years ago. I always check straight sizes for stuff like this because they always fit!

Shoes- Asos, similar here

Curvy Con was fun- I got to hang out with a bunch of people that I’ve known on the internet for ages, got to see some really inspiring ladies speak at the panels, and got to shop at all the plus size pop-ups that were there. I posted a vlog on my YouTube channel if you want to take a peek.

More NYFW posts to come! xo

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