Victoria Beckham for Target- Plus Size

07 23 17

Keep reading for the details on this Victoria Beckham skirt for Target.

Sorry I’ve been MIA for a couple weeks! I started up my YouTube Channel again and was so consumed with filming I forgot that I have a blog, apparently.

Before you’re like, TARGET’S BACK IN CANADA?? The sad answer is no. After they opened and then promptly shut ALL of their Canadian stores within a couple year period (I still mourn the loss), I gave up on them. My friend Sarah, though, was visiting her boyfriend in Boston when this collection launched and she picked up the skirt for me because bless her heart. It’s really the only thing I wanted from the collection but I REALLY wanted it.

The shirt is from Addition Elle x Rachel Roy and I wore it in this blog post as well. It’s just SO frickin versatile.

Definitely going to be posting more stuff posing in my mail room because IS THAT SOME GOOD LIGHTING OR WHAT?

Have a week! xo

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