Gucci for Plus Size

07 30 17

I’ve noticed this Gucci belt on almost every blogger lately- not only straight size, but plus size as well (i.e, the amazing and beautiful Nicolette Mason). I thought it was too good to be true to find a designer belt that would ACTUALLY fit my 40 inch waist but, I decided to splurge as a pre-birthday present to myself, and here we are.

More on the belt- I ended up ordering size 115  (the second largest size) and then got a bit nervous that it would be too small. It is, however, slightly too big for me! FRICKING MIRACLE. It’s not often that high end designers make stuff to fit plus size bodies and I don’t reallyyyy actually think this is the exception. I think we have a case of ‘skinny people hips fit fat people waists’ sort of thing, therefore us fatties can wear this with high waisted pants, dresses, etc. Correct me if I’m wrong- maybe Gucci has decided to become more size inclusive?- but I think we just got lucky with this one.

I took these photos after a PR event last week (I had 4 events in 3 days so I’ve been enjoying resting at home)- you can watch my weekly vlog to see what it was all about. Check out my CUTE LIL SWAG BAG beside me. Free stuff is my favourite part of events tooooo be honest. Also open bar.

Pants- Asos, they’ve been sold out for ages but they’re amazing. Similar here

Shoes- Forever 21 (they fit my wide feet REALLY well and they’re soooo comfy.)

Shirt- Boohoo (similar)

3 thoughts on “Gucci for Plus Size

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  2. Tiana

    Hi! I just discovered your blog and I love it! I’ve noticed you wearing some tops that it would be difficult to wear normal bras in. Do you have a favorite strapless to wear with such outfits? Thanks!

    1. allietheolive Post author

      HEY! Honestly, I just wear normal bras most of the time, with the straps tucked into the side. Or just a plain strapless bandeau. Keep in mind that my boobs are only a C cup though.


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