416- plus size ootd

07 09 17

Keep reading for more details on these killer pants and this very Toronto-y shirt.

If you’re not from Toronto, I’ll DO A LITTLE EXPLAININ’ ABOUT THIS SHIRT FOR YA. I got the shirt, which my boyfriend has since stolen and claimed as his own, from Toronto for Everyone, the group that put together the amazing Honest Ed’s farewell party. Honest Ed’s was a discount bargain store built in the 40’s (my grandparents used to go there with my infant mom ALL the time when they were my age). It was huge- it took up several city blocks- and since I was a kid it’s been known for it’s tacky weird kitschy shit. You could go there and buy everything from tampons to to underwear to cutlery to lawn flamingos to food to furniture. It was never renovated and the upkeep was NOT the best, which added to it’s charm. It became super trendy and fun to just wander around and get lost inside and post photos on instagram (I def encourage you to browse the photos in the geotag). Anyway, they’re of course tearing it down to build condos, so there was a huge art show/farewell party inside the building in the spring, where I bought this shirt (416 is Toronto’s area code, written in the classic Honest Ed’s price tag font.)

The pants are from Eloquii which I’ve taken QUITE a liking to lately. I ordered from them for the first time last month and was super pleased with the prices (everything was on sale) and quality.

Shoes- asos  (wide fit and on sale!)

Sunglasses- Ray Ban

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