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Juvalips: Review and Photos

06 09 17


I’m not a huge fan of my lips, mainly because they’re, well, not huge. Far from it. I’ve learned how to pout a certain way in photos in order to make them look bigger as well as how to overline the shit out of them with lipstick, but in reality they are sad little thin lines of nothing. I’ve wanted lip fillers for a looooong time but I’ve never taken the plunge: I hate needles, they’re expensive, I’ve heard they’re REALLY painful, and it’s so easy to fuck it up and look like a weird fish-human or like Nikki Tutorials. Whoops.

Does this go on my lips or my vagina?

Thank you to Juvalips for sending this for free for review: this is unpaid and all opinions are my own

Juvalips contacted me recently asking if I wanted to try their electronic lip plumper so I was like, HECK YEAH. It’s a device that basically sucks your lips into this sex-toy lookin’ thing, and 60 seconds later you’re supposed to have lovely plump lips. I was a bit skeptical because I’ve tried the manual lip-plumpers that are basically little shot glasses that go over your mouth and you suck all the air out to increase blood flow to your lips. Those did shit all, they were total crap. I don’t know what kind of magic suction the Juvalips device entails but it TOTALLY WORKS.

These are my sad little non-lips


It’s obviously not a permanent effect (goes down after maybe half an hour in my opinion), but for a photoshoot or a party or something, I think it’s really cool. The more you use it the longer the results are supposed to last, so I’m going to try to use it as part of my morning routine and see what happens. It’s also way cheaper than lip injections and the device itself lasts a lot longer than the few months that it takes your lips to go back to normal with injections.

THANK U JUVALIPS, talk to ya guys later xo


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