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Palms on the Beach- plus size swimwear

05 08 17

About to blow your mind: I got this bathing suit for, like, $20. I was looking online for swimsuits for my trip and decided to search “plus size clothing” on PINTEREST of all places for some inspo.

I clicked the Pinterest link that sent me to Cupshe, where all my cheap swimsuit dreams came true. They have suits in fat sizes (from XS up to XXL, which I got,) for really affordable prices. (Not all the suits go up to XXL but I find the ones that do actually fit true to size- not that ‘we’re calling this XXL but it’s actually like a Medium’ bullshit.) I ended up ordering like 5 or 6 swimsuits and paid a little over $100. Crazy. So, I’ve found my new holy grail for plus size swimwear for sure. (Not sponsored at all. Just sharing my wisdom~)

I also really wanted a plain white linen swim cover which I couldn’t find anywhere, sooooo I made one. I just sewed this baby up in a couple hours and tore the sleeves up a bit to create some fringe. I’m SO GLAD I made this because I’ve been wearing it every day here. It’s light enough to keep me cool (while still keeping me a bit cozier at night), and easy enough to throw on over a swimsuit or a dress. It also dries really fast.

I also made the bag out of a thinner canvas material, some gold grommets, and some rope from Michael’s. I just sewed the bag, added a good sized inner pocket, used a grommet hammer tool that I got from the fabric store for under $10 and tied some rope for straps. I’ve been using it every day on my trip since it’s such a good size and I haaaaappen to think it’s really cute. Look at me! I made 50% of the things I’m wearing here. How neat-o.

Keep an eye out for more Cupshe swimsuit posts. xo

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