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Miu Miu feat. SmartBuy Glasses

05 06 17

HEY FRIENDS. Comin’ to you from (sorta) sunny Tulum Mexico. I thought my first post from my vacation should feature these Miu Miu sunglasses since they’re prooooobably the thing I was most excited to bring/wear.

SmartBuy Glasses contacted me a couple weeks ago asking if I’d like to choose a pair of sunglasses from their site to feature on my blog and I was like, YES. YES THANK YOU, I DO. They’re an online shop that sells discounted designer glasses/sunglasses- I was actually really shocked at how good the deals are. Summer is coming and sunglasses are a must for me, so I feel like I’ll end up grabbing a couple more pairs from them with my own $$$$$. I just feel like such a fancy lady in my designer glasses vs. when I wear a crappy pair I bought from a local market for $3, yanno? ALSO, shipping literally took ONE DAY, which is unheard of for something shipping to/within Canada. I told them which pair I wanted and I had them the next day. Super impressive. Double also- if you find the same pair for a lower price within 14 days of purchase, they’ll match it for you. SO if you want a pair of designer sunglasses, they’re 100% the most affordable place out there.

Their Holiday Gift Guide page links you to a bunch of different options for men and women now that the sun is out a little more often, though my favourite page is the Women’s Round Sunglasses page since it’s my fave shape for glasses. (They have my gold round Ray Ban frames that I was wearing in my last post with the cherry blossoms for WAY LESS than what I paid.)

Huge huge thank you to SmartBuy Glasses for the Miu Miu’s- I’m now going to take a literal ice bath because I’ve been here for one day and I’m already VERY BURNT. Wish me luck. Send me sunscreen and aloe vibes.


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