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Gabi Fresh x Swimsuits For All

05 23 17

lol @ the fact that in all my vacation posts I’m holding a drink. If you’re sober on vacation are you REALLY on vacation?

Obsessed with this suit from Gabi Fresh and Swimsuits for All. Link to it here. It’s on sale right now too and it’s SUCH A GOOD BIKINI. The top is really supportive (I’m relatively small in the boob department but I can imagine it would hold bigger-titted people’s boobs up quite well.) I’ve been a huuUUuge fan of Gabi for a really long time so I finally caved and bought a couple of her suits from the line. They’re for sure some of the best swimwear pieces I’ve ever owned- just really well thought-out and well made.

Not quite done my vacation posts yet; more to come soon.


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