Cherry Street- plus size ootd

05 03 17

Keep readin’ for outfit details and more CHERRY BLOSSOM PICTURES!

There’s a dog park near my apartment (more like a huge fenced-in beach where dogs run wild) where I love to take Petrie called Cherry Beach. I discovered it last summer and didn’t realize why it had that name until this week. This gorgeous little cluster of cherry blossom trees at the end of the street are adorable. Usually come cherry blossom season, I venture to High Park, a place in Toronto where there are hundreds of cherry blossom trees- and THOUSANDS of tourists. Half the time it’s not even worth it to go because the experience is ruined by children and couples pushing and shoving and taking a jillion photos. So when I was driving to the dog park last week and I saw these, I knew I had to bring my pal Kendra and take some photos. She hates people as much as I do and I knew she wouldn’t be venturing to High Park any time soon.

Dress- Asos

Shoes- Forever 21 (similar)

Sunglasses- Prescription Ray Ban’s

WELP, I’m heading off to Mexico in mere hours so the next time you see me I’ll be on a beach. Probably very drunk. WISH ME SAFE TRAVELS


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