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04 05 17

As some of you may know, since November I’ve been on a bit of a ‘get fit’ journey- not to look “better”, or lose weight- just to feel more fit and be able to climb stairs without wanting to die. SO I bought some gym clothes- and then quickly realized I fucking hate the gym.

Back in first year university, when I was literally 130 pounds lighter, I LOVED going to the gym. But the funny thing about being 120 pounds is that no one stares at you when you work out. No matter how unfit you are, if you’re skinny, no one is going to judge you when you’re sweating on the treadmill. A couple years ago I tried out the YMCA gym near my old apartment and when I was on the elliptical, someone literally said out loud, “look at that fat girl sweating.” YES, I’M SWEATING, BECAUSE I’M ON AN ELLIPTICAL. WORKING OUT. LITERALLY TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT. THE WEIGHT YOU’RE JUDGING ME FOR. Fat people can’t win no matter what we do, so I just gave up on all that crap.

So, forgive me, but I’m not super into working out in public. Or in general. So instead, I’ve been going on long city walks, going on hikes, and taking my dog to the off-leash beach and running (lol!!!!!!! just kidding. Walking) on the sand. I’ve learned that 1. I’m not 18 anymore and I’m not built like I used to be, and that’s okay, and 2. I’m just unfit at heart. I love walking and climbing a hill here and there, and I’ve actually really been enjoying eating healthy for the past 5 months (kale!!!! I eat so much kale!!) but I’m ALWAYS going to prefer sitting on the couch with a pizza. So instead of eating 100 calorie frozen meals and immediately working them off at the gym like my 18 year old self, I eat kale salad with pine nuts and lemon vinagrette, Which is SHOCKINGLY GOOD, or taco zucchini boats or some other home cooked shit. And if I grab a frappuccino on my evening walk, then so be it.

So now that it’s finally getting warmer, I can show off my cute gym clothes that I never actually wear to the gym.

Pants- H&M 

Shoes- H&M 

Top- Addition Elle (my favourite tshirt in the whole world in tank top form!!!!!)

Jacket- Forever 21



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