Cold Shoulder- plus size ootd

04 25 17

My pal Sarah was at Old Navy of all places and texted me a photo of some pants that she thought I’d like. Which I did. So I placed a PANT ORDER for several pairs, including these. Every time I post about Old Navy on my blog I’m always like, “Old Navy!!!! Can you believe it!!! I always forget they have cute things!!” And then I say the same thing a few months later about a different garment from them.

It’s fi-na-lly warm enough to go outside without a coat. At least, it was when I took these photos. It’s currently rainy and feeling like November but I don’t care because I’m leaving for Mexico in a week! I’m going for 8 days and I’ve packed 11 bikinis. Too much?

Also, ugh, these shoes. I’ve been wearing them honestly every day and they go with everything and they fit my wide-ass feet so I’m sorry for being a boring little shoe repeater.

Top- Forever 21

Bag- Forever 21 (I have it in both colours it is so. so. good.)


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