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Universal Standard- plus size ootd

03 24 17

Big big big thanks to Universal Standard, first of all, for sending me the Mae Sweater, the CLEAR STAR of this post. It’s soft and warm (but not too warm) and genuinely the most comfortable sweater I’ve ever worn. I feel so fricking cozy but also stylish as heck in this.

I got it in a size medium (which is an 18/20 since they’re a plus size shop). Their sizes range from S (10/12) to XL (26/28). The fact that the quality of this sweater is so fantastic AND IT GOES UP TO A SIZE TWENTY EIGHT- FUCK YEAH FOR REAL PLUS SIZE INCLUSIVENESS- impresses me a whole lot. I definitely think I could’ve sized down to a small, but you know how much I love my clothes to be a but oversized.

Also, these pants are from Uniqlo (see a couple blog posts bel0w) and THESE SHOESSSSSS. Kelly Augustine, one of my favourite bloggers, posted about them on instagram and I needed them. Sorry. I just did. They’re Cape Robbin and if you live in the U.S they’re like $30 on Amazon- if you live anywhere else in the world you have to pay like $50+ for shipping. Which I did. Fuck sakes.


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