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Uniqlo- Plus Size Friendly?

03 10 17

I’m allllllllways on the lookout for new places to buy clothes. Sometimes I’ll find amazing stuff in straight size shops like Zara and H&M (I have a size small blazer I bought a few years ago that’s too still big for me). When I heard about the recently opened Uniqlo in Toronto being new the go-to for some of my favourite plus-fashion bloggers, I decided I needed to check it out. Other than quickly popping in to buy this sweater a couple months ago, I never really took the time to thoroughly look at their clothes or try anything on. So, I headed in to try and find all the XXL’s I could, to see if they would fit my XXL body. I find that a lot of places that carry extended sizing don’t cater to the plus size body: they just, offer the same stuff but bigger. This is all well and good except… I don’t look like a mannequin. I have bumps and lumps and rolls. So I was interested to see if this extended-straight-size concept would work.

Everything in the Uniqlo women’s section goes up to at least a Large. Some items go up to XL, and some (er, okay, not many) go up to XXL. The pants that I’m wearing in all these photos I actually bought from here the previous day, when my friend wanted to pop in and see what they had to offer. They’re an XL and while they definitely could be bigger, they’re high-waisted and stretchy enough to fit me (I pretty much NEVER fit into XL’s. I always need at least a 1x or 2x.) Luckily, the size range of a certain item is printed on each sign in teeny tiny writing at the bottom, i.e the above cardigans only go up to an XL. This comes in handy when you’re frantically searching for a size that doesn’t exist.

I grabbed a few items in XL/XXL and went into the fitting rooms. Note: I’m usually an 18/20 on bottom and a 16/18 on top.

Women Drape Short Sleeve T Blouse: XL, $29.90 CAD

Women’s Wide Stretch Culottes: XL, $29.90 CAD

Loving how this shirt fits. It’s comfy and oversized and while I’m not huge on polyester, I still like it and it’s a checkmark in the ‘will it fit’ column.

Women Drape Jogger Pants: XL, $39.90 CAD

Women Satin Ankle Length Pants: XXL, $39.90 CAD

I knew these pants wouldn’t fit before I brought them into the fitting room but I figured that photographing just how badly they wouldn’t fit is part of the job. The first pair is a fucking write off because, like, XL (This is how they’re supposed to look. They are not supposed to look like skinny pants¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ). But when I saw that the blue pair went up to XXL I got really excited! And then immediately eye-rolled when I took them off the hanger and held them up. I dunno- I just feel like if you’re going to carry an XXL, make it a real XXL. None of this it’s-actually-like-a-size-14-but-we’re-going-to-arbitrarily-label-it-XXL business.

Women SPRZ NY Super Geometric Layered Dress: L, $39.90 CAD

Pretty impressed with how this dress fits seeing as it’s only a Large, however, it still doesn’t fit quite right. If you look at it on a mannequin or on their website, it’s supposed to flow and look oversized and drapey and effortless. It’s stretchy and comfy, but just a little too tight on me. I think it’d look really good if you had no boobs or belly or hips.

Women Milano Ribbed Crew Neck Tunic: XL, $79.90 CAD

Women Milano Ribbed Aline Skirt: XXL, $59.90 CAD

The red tunic and red skirt on the mannequin in that first photo are the same ones I’m wearing , just in different colours. I saw the mannequin and thought, how oversized and effortless and chic and cute and perfect!! But I ended up looking more monochromatic sausage roll than Olsen Twins. I didn’t realize my tummy flab could be highlighted in such an interesting way. The knit material will stick to every inch of you if you have any curves at all.

Women Ribbed Long Sleeve Long Cardigan (long!!! it’s long, folks!): XL, $29.90 CAD

Women UV Cut Crew Neck Long Sleeve Cardigan: XL, $29.90 CAD

Something that’s pretty difficult to fuck up: cardigans! (Dunno what the heck UV Cut means- it has UPF 25 written on the tag with a little sun icon, so is it like, SPF 25? But if I’m wearing a cardigan anyway it would be difficult to get a sunburn, no?) I ended up buying both of these because I needed sweaters for spring anyway, and they were pretty comfy and not too expensive.

Women UV Cut Sleeveless Sweater: XL, $29.90 CAD

Normally I’d wear this tucked in but I wanted you to see it’s full fat-hugging power. Also, I guess it was a little cold in the fitting rooms. Sorry.

Men’s Denim Work Jacket: XL, $89.90 CAD

Just wanted to take a quick stab at the men’s section, since their stuff always tends to be larger and roomier. This jacket was way too big in the arms, wouldn’t button up over my boobs, and was stupid expensive. Ah well.

Women Drape Long Jacket: XXL, $49.90 CAD

Definitely one of the better things I tried on. Again, not a fan of polyester, but it seems to work in a blazer. I can see this dressed up or dressed down and might go back for it. Side note: my friend Erica tried this on when we went in the day before, and she’s a 20/22 on top and it fit her everywhere except for the arms.

Women Linen Cotton Printed Dress: L, $59.90 CAD

I wanted this to fit me so much because while I’m not big on florals, I thought it was just lovely and I’m huge on linen. As you can see by the defeated look on my face… it did not work. (Also, it’s $39.90 American dollars on the website. The Canadian/American price difference is just flat out fucking THIEVERY)

Finally, we have this beautiful and well-fitting Women’s Rayon Collared Blouse in XL for $49.90 CAD. I was sure this would fit me as it was hugely oversized, however, it had zero stretch so I couldn’t even get it over my head.

What I took away from all of this: Sizes are bullshit and arbitrary and I have no idea what will actually fit me, ever, though there’s a better chance if the item is very stretchy. Side note: Lmao I could’ve worn underwear that wasn’t inside out since I knew I was going to be taking photos of myself??? Like?? I’m a child, you guys.

9 thoughts on “Uniqlo- Plus Size Friendly?

  1. Floor

    I love your blog and your style, but girl, you might need to buy yourself a bra in the right size. Because everyone deserves a nice fitting bra!

      1. ash

        she just posted something really honest and a good review and you can’t do or say anything else than look at her boobs? yay you, you suck.

  2. luz

    thank you so so much for doing this!!!! i’m online shopping because there are no uniqlo stores in my area but I wanted to have some idea how things might (or might not, lol) fit. you’re a hero!!!

  3. JA

    I think the trouble with Uniqlo (as you’ve seen with the pants) is that their clothes are made for Asian body types (no butts, no boobs). Looks cute on mannequins but never fits my chest. lol. Glad you found something you liked

  4. Cynthia Stockton

    Thank you for your work here! This is exactly what I was searching for. I have my fingers crossed that the 5 XL dresses I ordered online will fit nicely, and I have a bit more hope now that they will.


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