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Universal Standard

03 24 17

Big big big thanks to Universal Standard, first of all, for sending me the Mae Sweater, the CLEAR STAR of this post. It’s soft and warm (but not too warm) and genuinely the most comfortable sweater I’ve ever worn. I feel so fricking cozy but also stylish as heck in this.

I got it in a size medium (which is an 18/20 since they’re a plus size shop). Their sizes range from S (10/12) to XL (26/28). The fact that the quality of this sweater is so fantastic AND IT GOES UP TO A SIZE TWENTY EIGHT- FUCK YEAH FOR REAL PLUS SIZE INCLUSIVENESS- impresses me a whole lot. I definitely think I could’ve sized down to a small, but you know how much I love my clothes to be a but oversized.

Also, these pants are from Uniqlo (see a couple blog posts bel0w) and THESE SHOESSSSSS. Kelly Augustine, one of my favourite bloggers, posted about them on instagram and I needed them. Sorry. I just did. They’re Cape Robbin and if you live in the U.S they’re like $30 on Amazon- if you live anywhere else in the world you have to pay like $50+ for shipping. Which I did. Fuck sakes.


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Savin’ You Money Monday: holographic highlighters

03 20 17

If you’ve been under a rock: holographic/multidimensional/multicoloured highlighters have been huge lately, which I’m all about. The only highlighters I really even wear anymore are of the holographic/multidimensional/multicoloured variety. They can, however, get really fricking expensive. SO, I’m doing my second saving-you-money-monday on funky coloured face powders. Especially for springtime (WHERE THE FUCK IS SPRING), shimmery pink, blue, and green cheeks are going to be so much fun.

I have several more holographic highlighter palettes/individual pans and cream sticks, but these three brands are my favourites. A reminder about this saving-you-money series: I’m showing you products that are all similar, that I love, at different price points. The most expensive of the bunch is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glow Kit (though you get A LOT of product), the middle tier is the Kat Von D Alchemist Holographic Palette (a very very small amount of product in comparison), and finally are the budget-friendly NYX Duo Chromatic Illuminating Powders.

Side Note: thanks to my boyfriend for lending me his arm for swatching ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I definitely reach for the Moonchild Glow Kit the most. It’s $53 CAD ($40 American) so at first glance it’s the most expensive of the three. However, when you compare how much product you get, it’s way cheaper than the Kat Von D palette. Each colour pan is 4.2 grams/0.15 oz and you get 6 of them. If you live in Canada (or international) like I do, or if you’re not huge on makeup and you’re not sure if you’ll love the look, it’s much cheaper to get the Kat Von D palette because you can get it from any Sephora. You can only buy the Moonchild kit on the Anastasia website, and shipping to Canada is something like an extra $20. With international shipping included, each colour pan comes to about $12 CAD. If you’re American, shipping is free (goddamn you), and each pan comes out to about $6.60.

Though I reach more for the Anastasia kit, the Kat Von D one is definitely my favourite. The colours are beautiful- they’re the most true holographic, they’re shimmery rather than glittery and chunky, and they’re the most bold, pigmented, and smooth of the 3 brands. The palette is $44 CAD ($32 US) and you get a teeny weeny 1.53 g/0.05 oz of product per pan. You also only get 4 shades. (With free Sephora shipping, this equals out to $11 CAD or $8 US per pan, though again, you get two fewer pans than the Anastasia kit and they’re much smaller). The four colours that are in the Kat Von D kit are definite dupes for ones in the Anastasia kit so again, if you’re not sure if holographic highlighters are your thing and you want a tiny palette you can easily return, or if you live in Canada and don’t want to pay shipping, this one is the way to go in my opinion.

These new NYX highlighters are probably my least favourite of the three but if you’re on a budget, or you just want one colour rather than a whole palette, or if you just want to try them out, they’re still great quality. They’re the most affordable at $13 CAD/$8 US each. You also get the most product: each pan is huge at 6 g/0.21 oz. You can get them online (free shipping) or in stores across Canada and the US. Uh, and probably internationally too. Side note: that last reddish orange colour is CRAZY deep and I definitely won’t be using it as a highlighter but I think it would look beautiful on deeper skin. Double side note: there are a few other shades available that I just didn’t purchase.

Anastasia Pink Heart; Kat Von D Pink Opal; NYX Snow Rose

The pink shades from these 3 brands are the most similar to each other for sure. The Anastasia and NYX are pretty much identical while the Kat Von D is smoother, more pigmented, and more holographic.

Anastasia Purple Horseshoe; Kat Von D Ultra Violet Amethyst; NYX Lavender Steel

The purple shade from NYX differs quite a bit from the other two, which are quite similar. Again, the Kat Von D purple shade is much more holographic and pigmented. It’s also more shimmery and less glittery: you can see flecks of glitter in the Anastasia one.

Anastasia Blue Ice; Kat Von D Blue Saphyre; NYX Twilight Tint

I probably reach for the blue shades the most from all 3 brands. The Kat Von D is such real, beautiful true holographic bluey green goodness while the other two are a bit more bluey silver. They’re all beautiful, smooth and pigmented but obviously Blue Saphyre a bit more so.

I didn’t do a comparison swatch of the greens in the Kat Von D/Anastasia palettes since I don’t have a green from NYX, but they’re definite dupes for each other which you can see above in the full palette arm swatches.

Overall, the 3 brands have come out with amazing products and I’d say each of them are worth the money- they all give you slightly different things depending on what you’re looking for. NYX gives you huge pans at an affordable price (though you’ll sacrifice quality a little bit), while Kat Von D gives you the best quality- but you won’t get the shade selection/pan size that Anastasia gives you. Have you tried any of these products? Anything else you want me to review? LEMME KNOW. xo



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Uniqlo- Plus Size Friendly?

03 10 17

I’m allllllllways on the lookout for new places to buy clothes. Sometimes I’ll find amazing stuff in straight size shops like Zara and H&M (I have a size small blazer I bought a few years ago that’s too still big for me). When I heard about the recently opened Uniqlo in Toronto being new the go-to for some of my favourite plus-fashion bloggers, I decided I needed to check it out. Other than quickly popping in to buy this sweater a couple months ago, I never really took the time to thoroughly look at their clothes or try anything on. So, I headed in to try and find all the XXL’s I could, to see if they would fit my XXL body. I find that a lot of places that carry extended sizing don’t cater to the plus size body: they just, offer the same stuff but bigger. This is all well and good except… I don’t look like a mannequin. I have bumps and lumps and rolls. So I was interested to see if this extended-straight-size concept would work.

Everything in the Uniqlo women’s section goes up to at least a Large. Some items go up to XL, and some (er, okay, not many) go up to XXL. The pants that I’m wearing in all these photos I actually bought from here the previous day, when my friend wanted to pop in and see what they had to offer. They’re an XL and while they definitely could be bigger, they’re high-waisted and stretchy enough to fit me (I pretty much NEVER fit into XL’s. I always need at least a 1x or 2x.) Luckily, the size range of a certain item is printed on each sign in teeny tiny writing at the bottom, i.e the above cardigans only go up to an XL. This comes in handy when you’re frantically searching for a size that doesn’t exist.

I grabbed a few items in XL/XXL and went into the fitting rooms. Note: I’m usually an 18/20 on bottom and a 16/18 on top.

Women Drape Short Sleeve T Blouse: XL, $29.90 CAD

Women’s Wide Stretch Culottes: XL, $29.90 CAD

Loving how this shirt fits. It’s comfy and oversized and while I’m not huge on polyester, I still like it and it’s a checkmark in the ‘will it fit’ column.

Women Drape Jogger Pants: XL, $39.90 CAD

Women Satin Ankle Length Pants: XXL, $39.90 CAD

I knew these pants wouldn’t fit before I brought them into the fitting room but I figured that photographing just how badly they wouldn’t fit is part of the job. The first pair is a fucking write off because, like, XL (This is how they’re supposed to look. They are not supposed to look like skinny pants¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ). But when I saw that the blue pair went up to XXL I got really excited! And then immediately eye-rolled when I took them off the hanger and held them up. I dunno- I just feel like if you’re going to carry an XXL, make it a real XXL. None of this it’s-actually-like-a-size-14-but-we’re-going-to-arbitrarily-label-it-XXL business.

Women SPRZ NY Super Geometric Layered Dress: L, $39.90 CAD

Pretty impressed with how this dress fits seeing as it’s only a Large, however, it still doesn’t fit quite right. If you look at it on a mannequin or on their website, it’s supposed to flow and look oversized and drapey and effortless. It’s stretchy and comfy, but just a little too tight on me. I think it’d look really good if you had no boobs or belly or hips.

Women Milano Ribbed Crew Neck Tunic: XL, $79.90 CAD

Women Milano Ribbed Aline Skirt: XXL, $59.90 CAD

The red tunic and red skirt on the mannequin in that first photo are the same ones I’m wearing , just in different colours. I saw the mannequin and thought, how oversized and effortless and chic and cute and perfect!! But I ended up looking more monochromatic sausage roll than Olsen Twins. I didn’t realize my tummy flab could be highlighted in such an interesting way. The knit material will stick to every inch of you if you have any curves at all.

Women Ribbed Long Sleeve Long Cardigan (long!!! it’s long, folks!): XL, $29.90 CAD

Women UV Cut Crew Neck Long Sleeve Cardigan: XL, $29.90 CAD

Something that’s pretty difficult to fuck up: cardigans! (Dunno what the heck UV Cut means- it has UPF 25 written on the tag with a little sun icon, so is it like, SPF 25? But if I’m wearing a cardigan anyway it would be difficult to get a sunburn, no?) I ended up buying both of these because I needed sweaters for spring anyway, and they were pretty comfy and not too expensive.

Women UV Cut Sleeveless Sweater: XL, $29.90 CAD

Normally I’d wear this tucked in but I wanted you to see it’s full fat-hugging power. Also, I guess it was a little cold in the fitting rooms. Sorry.

Men’s Denim Work Jacket: XL, $89.90 CAD

Just wanted to take a quick stab at the men’s section, since their stuff always tends to be larger and roomier. This jacket was way too big in the arms, wouldn’t button up over my boobs, and was stupid expensive. Ah well.

Women Drape Long Jacket: XXL, $49.90 CAD

Definitely one of the better things I tried on. Again, not a fan of polyester, but it seems to work in a blazer. I can see this dressed up or dressed down and might go back for it. Side note: my friend Erica tried this on when we went in the day before, and she’s a 20/22 on top and it fit her everywhere except for the arms.

Women Linen Cotton Printed Dress: L, $59.90 CAD

I wanted this to fit me so much because while I’m not big on florals, I thought it was just lovely and I’m huge on linen. As you can see by the defeated look on my face… it did not work. (Also, it’s $39.90 American dollars on the website. The Canadian/American price difference is just flat out fucking THIEVERY)

Finally, we have this beautiful and well-fitting Women’s Rayon Collared Blouse in XL for $49.90 CAD. I was sure this would fit me as it was hugely oversized, however, it had zero stretch so I couldn’t even get it over my head.

What I took away from all of this: Sizes are bullshit and arbitrary and I have no idea what will actually fit me, ever, though there’s a better chance if the item is very stretchy. Side note: Lmao I could’ve worn underwear that wasn’t inside out since I knew I was going to be taking photos of myself??? Like?? I’m a child, you guys.


Period Pants

03 04 17

I guess I’ve been PRETTY lucky in the past to have never really experienced ‘internet bullying’. As a blogger, and as a fat female blogger, this is something that I’m constantly expecting. Obviously I’ve had the classic and uninspired “ur a whale” comments, as well as the slightly more creative “she’s an evolved version of Snorlax”, but those never bug me. I’m fat, and there are millions of fatphobic people out there. Not my problem.

But to get literal DEATH THREATS over a pair of pants is not something that I was ever expecting. As noted in my previous blog post, I was so fucking excited to put up photos of the new ‘Period Pants’ that I designed and sewed. If you’ve been reading my blog for a little bit then you know I’ve been really into sewing as a hobby lately: I couldn’t find clothes I loved anymore, so I decided to make my own. I’ve made shirts and jackets and dresses, but this was kind of my first attempt at pants. I came up with the idea a few months ago when my vagina absolutely ruined a pair of beige culottes. My tampon failed me and there were big splotches of blood all over the crotch and butt. I was like, wouldn’t it be cool if I had a pair of period pants that I could wear and not worry about leaking? Something that could mask, or look cool with, the blood stains? So I made a pair of pants with velvet period stains all over them. 

I mean, this wasn’t supposed to be a political or feminist statement about anything (even though I obviously do have certain political ideologies and I’m definitely a feminist). I just thought it would be cute and fun and funny to have a lighthearted pair of fricking period pants. So I posted this photo on instagram and tumblr thinking, ha ha, people will get a chuckle. NOPE, NOT A CHUCKLE WAS HAD. I immediately started getting horrible comments, reblogs, and messages telling me they were going to find me and kill me, because I’m a “dumb white feminist bitch”. Definitely white; definitely a feminist; dumb and bitchy, for sure, sometimes. But putting it all together within the context of a death threat over a pair of pants I made is a little crazy. 

Some of the (very rudely worded) comments I got included, “I just don’t get it. Why??” Uh, well, why not? There’s really nothing to get. It’s fashion, it’s art, it’s a piece of red velvet cut up and sewn on my crotch area meant to look like blood. Please don’t let it ruin your day.

“This pisses me off because it’s not anatomically correct. The velvet is way too high up and when I bleed, it goes all over my butt too!!!” First of all, your internalized misogyny is showing. Second of all, it’s not… anatomically correct… because it’s pants. It’s not a diagram of a vagina from a fourth grade health class. It’s a piece of velvet. Also, I have fat thighs. My thighs are really fucking chunky, okay? If I had put the velvet between my legs where my actual vagina is, the fabric wouldn’t have lasted because my thighs rub together when I walk. I put the ‘blood stain’ where it would be unbothered by my thighs and still visible when I sit. Also, I put it on the butt too, but my butt is not in the picture you saw, is it? So sit down. Double also- would my pants being ‘anatomically correct’ REALLY stop you from being a whiny offended internet complainer? Because I really don’t think it would. 

“This is fucking disgusting I’m going to throw up” and “This is gross and unsanitary”. No… it’s not. It’s a pair of pants. It’s two pieces of fabric sewn together. If that makes you want to throw up, then you ave bigger issues.

“HAVING YOUR PERIOD IS NOT SOMETHING TO BE PROUD OF AND SHOW OFF!!!” Good thing this isn’t a REAL PERIOD STAIN, then. People. You’re getting disgusted and offended by fabric. (Side note: I’m proud of being a woman and while I recognize that not all women have their periods, I do find my period empowering and a natural thing that I’m never ashamed of.)

“This is the same as a guy jizzing on pants and calling it ‘art’. Why don’t I cut up white fabric and glue it all over my black pants??” Well, really, it’s not the same thing. Women are beautiful creatures that bleed every month in order to create life. (Again, I don’t think you’re less of a woman if you don’t bleed/if you don’t have a vagina/etc). If my period wants to be heavy and leak all over my white pants, it’s damn well going to. I can’t stop it and I can’t help it and I don’t think it’s anything to be ashamed of. You’re comparing THAT to the result of you sitting in your mom’s small, dark basement eating cheetos with one hand, and jerking off your dick to lesbian porn with the other? I don’t think so. By making that comparison you’re sexualizing period blood- you’re putting it on the same level as you having a male orgasm. It’s cool if you’re into that, I guess.

“When will white feminists stop” “White people are a waste of space”. This one is a little tricky because I am a white feminist. However, I’m constantly trying to acknowledge my privilege and be a good ally. I don’t want to do anything to take up space in a space that isn’t meant for me, and I do agree, for the most part: White people suck. Is it my place to say, no, I’m not being a “white feminist”, with it’s negative connotations, in this instance? I’m not sure. I’ve thought a lot about it and for the most part, I think it’s just people jumping on the “white people are embarrassing” bandwagon. It’s absolutely true: white people are embarrassing. White people do dumb shit. But I really don’t think me making a pair of fun pants falls into that category.

I also designed/made/embroidered the shirt, which thank goodness, no one seems to have a problem with.

IN CONCLUSION: I was really happy, proud, and excited to share my outfit until the internet took a giant shit on my face. I try really hard to brush off the h8ers but it was a little much for me this time. Please think twice before you’re mean to someone, especially if it’s about something they’ve taken the time to create. Maybe I’m too sensitive, and I need to get thicker skin, but death threats over an outfit aren’t okay.