All Day Breakfast- plus size ootd

02 04 17

I wore this tshirt (egg sequins!!!!) to work one day last week and my boss was immediately like, “YESSS GIRL GIMME THOSE EGGSSSSS, I WANT SOMMA THAT ALL-DAY BREAKFAST” because my workplace is 100% women and we’re all pretty much best friends. So thanks, my sweet little Gina, for my blog post title.

I was browsing the Asos sale section a few weeks ago when I saw these pants for TWENTY DOLLARS and they were everything I’ve been looking for in a trouser (pale pink, high waisted, grandma-y) so I, uh, bought four pairs in different sizes. Right now I’m an 18/20, so I bought an 18 and a 20. Okay. Makes sense, mostly. But then I was like, “What if they fit small???? I should probably get a 22. Just in case. But I’m also losing a bit of weight, so maybe I should get a 16??? I haven’t been a 16 since like 2012 but you never know???” And my thought process just spiralled out of control from there. So I bought four pairs. These are the 20’s and they’re big in the waist so I AM glad I got the 18’s, but the jury’s out on the other two pairs. You live and you learn and you waste money.

Top- Asos

Pants- Asos

Shoes- Keds 

Bag- Marc Jacobs (similar)

P.S, it’s been exactly one year since my baby Lola died and I just want to give her a little shout out because I miss her like crazy.


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