R.I.Pped Jeans- plus size ootd

01 18 17

I’m sad to report that since these photos were taken, these jeans have been tossed. R.I.P, every pun intended. Every time I wore them the giant rip (which wasn’t there when I bought them, thanks thighs) grew closer and closer to my vagina. It got to the point where when I sat down you could literally see my entire leg from my underwear to my ankle so I thought it was time to give them up.

Loving this sweater though. Even though the sleeves aren’t full length it’s super cozy and warm. It reminds me so much of a boucle jacket my mom wore all the time when I was younger (which I still have in my closet). I remember once when I was probably 13 I wore the jacket to a sleepover, and I missed her so much that I used it as a pillow because it smelled like her. CUTE. It probably doesn’t fit me anymore since my mom was pretty thin, but I still like to keep it. Having a bunch of her things around makes me miss her a little less. Last week was the 3 year anniversary of her death so it’s been a little tough.

On THAT note, hope everyone is staying warm and getting through the January blues. xo

Shoes- asos 

Jeans- Torrid (similar)

Turtleneck: Addition Elle 

Sweater: Addition Elle (similar here– men’s stuff fits larger so it’s perfect for plus size)


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